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does anyone else find it difficult to get their jobs done 'cos of this website!!
i only found it a few weeks ago when i did a google search on "3 car seats in a car", and found myself in the middle of one of these topics!
now i am hooked!!

i thought Facebook was bad, but this is worse! it's great seeing similar names crop up with how long left / delivered etc, and despite having 3 kids, (and being a midwife), the stuff i am still learning!!

please tell me i am not on my own, or i will need to go for counselling!

(the other thing is how do i get the smiley's on my post?!)


  • i was definately addicted when i was pregnant, less so now as we don't have a working computer at home at the mo. and also i'm getting married so am on wedding forums instead, think they call it transferance!!! lol.:lol:
    2 get smileys on your post, click on the rely to post button rather than quick reply, smileys are all at the bottom of the page! image

    claire x
  • lol I'm definatly a BE addict.
    Its a life saver sometimes!
  • i am quite newish but am becoming addicted....!!! especially if you get involved in a topic..also for an update on those mums to be who are nearly dropping!!!
  • I am addicted too. Everytime I have the laptop on my husband says I am going to ban them forums lol. You spent more time on there than with me. I just laugh and say 'whatever' lol.
  • I have to admit i'm hooked! lol running joke in our house! 'what does BE say about it?' lol xx
  • OH thinks I'm completely potty. Especially when I start telling him what we have been talking about, you can just see him thinking 'Why would I care what a load of strange women think'lol
  • My OH is very intrested... and wets him self laughing at some of our stories.. bless him he always says 'anything intresting or funny on BE today?' lol although he wouldn't be arsed to look himself lol (just as well all the giving out I do about him on here! haha) xxx
  • Yes I'm addicted as well - it's the first thing I do in a morning, even before feeding my poor ds breakfast!! I don't mention BE in particular to my dh, I just say 'one of these baby forum thingies' cos he might come on one day and realise I've been gossiping about him. Mind you, just realised I never clear my history..... oops! Sorry Norm, love you - just in case!!! LOL

    2 days to go
  • lol, on here for hours at a time and not realising. then i have a go at OH for wtching crap on tv or playing his ps3!
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