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Three faint lines on first response, one negative clear blue digital...confused???

hi, I have a missed period and taken three first response tests which all have a faint line and one clear blue digital which was negative, can anyone help?? Am I pregnant?image


  • I'm having the Sam problem I took apart the digital though and mine looks positive to me I see a feigns line on yours but I'd wait a few days and retest image

  • I just took the clear blue test apart too...image

  • Yours looks like mine so I'm not really sure maybe they're both evap lines 😞 hopefully not 

  • Will just have to retest in a couple of daysimageapparantly the digital tests aren't as sensitive in detecting HCG as the first response onesimage

  • I've had 3 faint line but a 'not pregnant' on clear blue digital?! how else can I check? This is the faint line image

  • I would take a first response test image

  • imageI've done two first response this morning and they both look image

  • I tested negative on clear and blue digital test the day before my period is due.  I went and bought a first response test and it was positive with a super strong line.   We're so excited!!!

  • Mornings ng girls looking for advice I'm 7 days late took to hpt strips yesterday at 5:30 pm and got these faint linesimage

    took two this first thing this morning and still think I see s faint line , am I seeing things ? image

    Congrats on all all your positives and baby dust to all trying xx

  • All positives ladies. X

  • Congratulations!  It looks like it's positive 😘

  • Yesterday I took a superdrug own digital test and it said positive but when I took a tesco nondigital test it was negative so I waited an hour then took another superdrug electronic test but it didn't work but when I opened it it had clearly two lines I shook it off as nothing then that night my partner got two clear blue week indication tests and one last night was negative but in opening the test up there was clearly two lines again so I took the other clear blue this morning and still not pregnant but inside still 2 clear as day lines so being really confused I took a first response test this afternoon and only got one red line. Can anyone help please this is emotionally and financially draining xx

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  • imageHelp!! Are tgese posotive??

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