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  • Well, I was supposed to be getting induced on Sunday, which is my due date because of the pressure the baby is putting on my spine (because of my back problems and fused discs) but it's changed today because...

    At my 36 weeks scan they sonographer measured the baby as being HUGE, on the 98th centile or something. But my 39 weeks scan baby is back to just below the 50th centile. The sonographer I saw today is the one I've seen for every growth scan except the 36 week one. She basically said that although they think that baby was measured wrong at 36 weeks, they still have to act on it, because on my chart it now looks like the baby has only gained 3 ounces since my last scan 3 weeks ago. Does that make sense? 

    I have another sweep tomorrow which the doctor is hopeful will get things started after the sweep last week caused me to get my show which is positive x

  • Ahhh best of luck chez!! Very exciting. Completely normal to be nervous but will be so worth it when that perfect little bundle is in your arms! Look forward to hearing your news xx

  • Ah ok hopefully the sweep works tomororw for you Or at the vet least helps getting you ready for your induction Thursday. Yeah I must admit I do hate being scanned by diffeen people as they all measure diffrent my last growth scan had a trainee and he’s had a massive growth spurt I got another one tomorrow scan so I’m think he’s going to even out as they all seem to mesure diffrent. I wouldent work to much though with my last two they said they would be massive and came out average size. But at least they are being safe and you get to meet him sooner :) 

  • Good luck chez! Hope it all goes smoothly for you and so jealous your due earlier than me! 

    i keep getting Braxton Hicks at night and I’ve started feeling reallt nauseous at random times in the day but haven’t felt sick in this pregnancy before now! 

    I find out on Thursday if he’s still measuring big and what they will do if he is! I’ve got my consultant today as well so will speak to her about everything else 

    almost time ladies!

    lauren 35+2 

  • Afternoon ladies! I haven’t been very active in this group but have always kept up with what all you ladies are going through as it’s been interesting to know what everyone else is experiencing as this is my first.

    Had my last growth scan today which shown that my little girl has very reduced growth due to problems with the blood flow in the umbiblical cord so because of this I I’m now getting induced tomorrow at 1.30pm! So exciting that the end is in sight for us all!

    keep going girls! We’re nearly there! I cant wait to see all these birth announcements and beautiful babies! Good luck for Thursday Chez!Xx

  • Laurlo oh exciting good luck for tomorrow How many weeks will you be ? I bet you can’t wait to meet your new addition being your first aswel it’s always extra special Keep us updated :)

  • I’ll be 38+4 tomorrow, due date is the 1st March so she’ll be 10 days early as long as she doesn’t keep me waiting till Wednesday 

  • Ah good luck laurlou and chez!

    how exciting!!!

  • Our yellow baby arrived at 3.21am this morning after a labour that went from zero to INTENSE insanely quick.... and we have a GIRL! little Miss Ella, weighed 7lb 11oz, I'm besotted with her already x

  • Congratulations on your new addition chez! Hope you and baby are well and enjoying your first few hours together. 

    good luck for today larlou!

    sarah 37+4 x

  • Ah congratulations Chez!!!

  • congratulations chez that’s such wonderful news! I hope you are feeling well and you recover quickly!

    good luck today Laurlou! I’m sure you’ll be fab and little bubba will be in your arms before you know it.

    about the growth scans I’m hoping mine is due to inaccurate measurements too, still have a week until the next one.. praying shes grown. Everyone comments how small my bump is 😬

    Jade 35+2

  • Jade everyone was making those comments to me and now the past 3 weeks it’s suddenly HUGE! hello stretch marks!

    39 weeks today and growing tired of these horrible period pain cramps!!!

  • Aww congrats chez. Glad it's all over u now and hope u and Ella are well.

    Best of luck laurlou can't wait to hear your announcement. 

    Hope everyone else is keeping well. Has everyone finished work yet?

  • Congratulations Chez!! What lovely news!! 

    Good luck today laurlou hope everything goes well 


  • Hope that’s the case MrsBeel! Shame about the stretch marks though, although I’m sure I’ll develop some I’ve only moisturisied a handful of times where as with my son I did it religiously! 

    Hope she comes soon so you can get some relief. I remember the days leading up to my waters going having those pains. Fingers crossed for you I’m sure it won’t be long 

  • Huge congratulations Chez! Lovely news. Best of luck today Larlou. Exciting to hear all the announcements coming through 

    i completely sympathise mrsB, the period pains are so uncomfortable. You must be so fed up! Can’t be much longer though, do you have a sweep booked for your 40 week appt? Xx

  • Well my midwife appointment yesterday was a cover as my midwife is on leave for a week and she was hopeless.

    i don’t even have another appointment booked and my midwifes clinic is every other week so next appointment wouldn’t be until 40+6!

    bit crazy because the hospital recommended having a sweep by 39 weeks (aka today) because if pgp so just hope something happens for me soon!

    itll all be worth it just doesn’t feel it right now!!!

    how are you doing beartobe?

  • Jadeelx stretch marks are supposed to be mostly genetic anyway so I wouldn’t worry!!! I’ve been moisturising and oiling religiously twice a day and it’s not helped!

  • Ah congratz chez that must of been such a relief she came by herself in the end that sweep must of worked for you. 

    My little girl calls my stretch marks my tiger stripes lol 😂

    mrsbeel oh no I hate that when you get a cover midwife. i thought they was meant to see you every week from 38 weeks might just be my area though I’ve seen my midwide every week since 34 weeks becaaus of my PGP and have sweeps from 37 weeks so that it promotes baby to come earlier so that the PGP doesent get that bad that I cant give birth naturally. If your PGP is bad I would got to triage and request a sweep they can do this for you. 

    Find out today when I’m getting induced and get to see little man again so will let you guys know it goes later. 


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