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Talkback: Birth options – caesarean


  • True enough Jc born tea time tues,I was home for lunch Thurs!!!! Ironing Thurs night!!!!!! But then I am a muppet!
  • Merlin was born 9:50 Monday.We were home Wednesday afternoon.The midwife said 2 days was normal.

    Ironing!I'd tell him to iron his own ****ing shirts

  • andrew helped just b*tched the whole bloody time he was doing it!
  • Christ allow big fella to do anything domesticated?!!!!!!!image No way!!!! Had to do it just to get away from him for an hour!!!! He had 2 weeks off,was pissed off by an hour of being home!!!!

    Did naughty thing and drove to tesco on the fri-again to have some peace!!!!!! I'm stupid I don't take kindly to help-especially off some one who hasn't got a clue!

  • andrews good really but he does something, i think oh thats nice and then ten minutes later hes complaining???? DONT DO IT THEN, id rather do some jobs twice than listen to mr hard bloody done by!
  • Know that feeling. Big fella doesn't complain-he just doesn't do it right,or has to ask for help,rather do it myself in my own time!!!! Should be ironing now-ah well!!!
  • i only iron lolas dresses, not that the fatty fits in them anymore! everything else gets hug up wet and the creases drop out, hate ironing!
  • I've had the iron out this week.I did loads of washing and dried it without folding it,so now it looks terrible and I have to iron it,so here I am sat on my bum at the pc,not the ironing board.

    Darren does help.I even showed him the washing mashine,just scared to let him use it.Trouble is I think there's this man thing that says if I do it badly she won't ask me again.I have to rearrange the kitchen every time he unloads the dishwasher.

  • Nail on head Jo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That IS it! Would never let him near my washer-christ no. Hate ironing-have done it eventually,after making tea and even more washing-god is it me or is everyones washer on constant??

    I'm so glad it's automatic-how did everyone cope with twin tubs?? I had to have 1 of them years back,lived alone had no money-god it took the whole day to wash a load!!!! Nightmare! Was so happy when I could afford automatic!!!

  • have to admit i do less than half the washing, if that, thats andrews job, if we get really good weather i do alot and then he gets a break but as a rule he does it. id never used a washing machine until last yearimage
  • Lola was born at lunch time on a friday, i left hospital just after lunch on the sunday, so the 3-4days isnt necessarily true!
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