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Talkback: Five-year-old body builder breaks world record


  • he's just a little boy - i think playing should be top of his to-do list not training! what will happen to his body if he stops??
  • That's not right-in fact those pictures are gross. He shouldn't be that size at all,cannot be healthy.
  • No,that's so wrong.He needsto be just a little boy.His little bones are still growing,his whole body's still growing .He shouldn't have that much muscle.

    I joined a gym as a teenager,they wouldn't take anyone for weightlifting/bodybuilding till they were over puberty.They said it would interfere with the bone development.

    Why would you,I find it just about as obscene as child beauty pageants

  • I heard somehwere that doing weights and bodybuilding when you're too young can stunt growth - don't know if there's any truth in it, but I'd hate the idea of Max pumping iron and looking like a mini-Arnold Schwartznger (sorry but the spelling!)  - from where I'm sitting i'd rather face the usual terrible twos than a world record holder any day!
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