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Talkback: Kate Garraway fears returning to work because of her “baby brain”


  • I can completely understand this, you get so wrapped up in baby world that your brain just turns to mush! I feel sorry for Kate as she's got to be switched on so early in the morning for GMTV - I don't think I could do it!
  • Sophie-I don't think it does!!!! Well,either that or I've lost it!!!image

    Kate has 2 LO's to contend with,think I'd extend the maternity leave!!!

  • You lose it a little more each baby.I'd love to know that one day it'll all come back to me,but lifes a bit of a daze most of the time.
  • im officially stuffed in the brain department, kept calling jack andrew today and lola mum!image i think i need a lay in!
  • So good to hear a highprofile mum is as susceptible to mummy brain as the rest of us! One year on and I still think there's so very mushy parts in my head! When does baby brain officially end?!
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