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Talkback: Four year old racks up £100 bill on "free" app


  • I think they should be OFF by default. You should have to turn on not off. Also there should be a pin for purchases of more than £10.
  • That'd make perfect sense - it shouldn't be an assumed mode, that we all want to buy constantly. And if you really want to buy, the short time taken to punch in a pin isn't going to put you off.
  • What baffles me is that you have to put your password in to download a free app, yet downloading £100 worth of extras doesn't require a password if you buy it 15 minutes after putting your password in. Stupid! A free app shouldn't need a password and therefore wouldn't get access to your funds.
  • It always seems like the purchasing bit is made easy, but the lock it/block it functions are buried deep in the settings and not well publicised! Or am I just dumb?!
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