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Talkback: Could wet nursing make a comeback?


  • Something about it makes me feel uncomfortable - I'm not sure if it's because of the old stereotype of wet nurses being in some way associated with servants/class or because breastfeeding is usually talked about as being all about bonding, and the idea of another woman bonding so intimately with my baby makes me jealous!
  • I BF Harry but not sure I could let a wetnurse feed him, can see your point Mairik though. If my sister had a baby who need BM then I would express for her and let her use my BM if needed and they have a milk bank who next time I would consider expressing for if possible but wet nursing, not so sure -
  • I would prefer using a wetnurse than giving formula. Don't get me wrong, thank goodness formula exists. I would want the wetnurse to have been tested the way I got tested to donate my milk to the breast milk bank though.
  • I would breast feed another womans child without doubt. To know I was helping another mum give her baby the best start when she was unable to would be amazing. And if I was unable to, I would much prefere my baby had breast milk from another woman than formula milk!! As long as there is plenty of trust and an agreement set in place, I think it is a marvellous thing for women to do for each other.
  • I'd rather my child had milk from another humas than another species, when I returned to work and I had to go away overnight and I did not have enought pumped milk my son had donor milk from my friend. I would wet nusrse and would allow my children to be wetnursed if I knew and trusted the mother involved.
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