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Talkback: Starting a routine for your baby


  • I put in a strict bedtime routine from day one when i had my son (now 6) 6.30 pm bath, dressed in sleeping bag, bottle, story+ a song lights out, he slept though the night since he was 5 weeks old But he was also bottle fed from 5 weeks these two milestones coinsided. my Daughter ( now 4) had a much less strict routine but still mainly the same kinda thing she was breastfed and slept through from 7 weeks, with my 3rd child we took a much different route he still has no real Routine, at 9 mths old i follow his lead and listen to him, untill he was 6mths old he used to stay up with me and have mummy baby time, which i loved, now hes a tad older he goes to bed about 7, He wakes once a night between 5-6 and has a breastfeed and mummy cuddles, i much prefer being an attatched parent!
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