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Talkback: Feeding your toddler - what’s safe and what’s not


  • Is tuna and swordfish still unsafe to give to toddlers?
  • The safety of consuming unpasteurized products differs by country because in the US it is advised against 😬

    I was trying to find the answer to see if it is safe to give to toddlers and I found your article and then I found the opposing view published by the AAP.

    “In a new policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises pregnant women, infants and children to consume only pasteurized milk, cheese and other milk products, and supports a ban on the sale of raw milk in the U.S.

    The policy statement, “Consumption of Raw or UnpasteurizedMilk and Milk Products by Pregnant Women and Children,” published in the January 2014 Pediatrics (released online Dec. 16), reviews evidence of the risks of consuming unpasteurized milk and milk products in the U.S., especially among pregnant women, infants, and children.”
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