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Talkback: Survey shows mums don’t get enough support with breastfeeding


  • I had to stay in hospital for a week after birth due to complications. But I always wonder how on earth new mums get to grips with breastfeeding when they only stay in for one night! I'm not sure we'd have managed without the support for the first few days in hospital. I found that night 3 when my milk started to come through (and just as I thought I was getting the hang of it), DD suddenly kept coming off...I didn't realise it was because she was getting used to the faster flow of milk. I was knackered and hormonal, thank goodness I had support in hospital, I really don't know how I'd have managed if discharged within hours like a lot of people are.

    I had the nct page in hospital showing how to check dd was latched on properly to avoid the pain, I think this could be pushed more as I know a few friends who have had to stop from pain.
  • I asked for support with breast feeding and was told everyone was too busy. No one ever helped, and because my baby was born with low blood sugar they said he had to have formula in the hospital. I never got the hang of breast feeding and ended up bottle feeding. The lack of support was awful.
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