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Talkback: Fertility experts answer your Qs


  • Hi my hubby and I have been ttc for two and a Half years and apart from having tests the doctors have refused to intervene until I am 30. Unexplained we were told.

    My question is

    Why would a doctor not recommend IUI ahead of Ivf?

    I have been told the next and only step is Ivf. No clomid and no IUI I don't understand ?
  • Hi, like some of the above questions, I am also on my 2 week wait and you are so correct it is more harrassing to just wait, i feel more stressed doing that. they told me not to over exert, but to what extent, cause I work and there are times my other kids get me mad. Now I am worried that I may have argued too much or walked to much. I never had fertility issues as I have 4 kids and the last kid in 2005, I am 36, neither does my new spouse has issues but I had a tubilization, hence the IVF. though the doctor said that I am an unusual case seeing that I am not a fertility problem, I am still very anxious that I mess up and I only had my transfer done on the 25 Jan 2013, Fertilization took place on the 23rd. Please advise
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