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Talkback: Primary school shortages - MFM investigates


  • We had the same problem and did not get any of our choices. The notion of parents having a 'choice' is a complete fiction. We did not apply for either one of our two local schools as we did not feel that they would be right for our son. We were in the fortunate position that we decided that we needed to put a contingency plan in place just in case we did not get an appropriate place. We are now in the position where our son has a place at the local independent school - this will be a struggle but it is the price that we have to pay for our local council and the Government

    I believe that the previous Government are predominantly at fault as they closed schools at a rapid rate and left this Government with a legacy of fewer school places for a increasing demographic.

    We always hoped that we could send our children to a state school but this is not possible and we have had to put our principles aside to ensure that our children get the best possible education that they can access.

    It is a sorry state of affairs.
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