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Talkback: Donor parents may be revealed on birth certificates


  • My Husband and i had our Daughter using Donor Sperm he is an unknown Donor, the law changed in 2005 lifting this but for our Daughter this remained as she was born in 2004 .MY Husband is on her birth certificate as we didn't want to put unknown donor on this , our Daughter has a book called my Story in this it tells her how she was created and how a very kind man helped us it is for 0-7 year olds in this i have put the little information we do have on the Kind Donor from our clinic in this . we did check register when the law changed 2005 to see if he had become known but he had stayed unknown.Parents need to be honest with their children but we felt it might upset her just seeing unknown donor on her birth certificate .She asks many questions and is a very happy little girl .
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