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Talkback: The 'rainbow babies' photo that gives hope to grieving mums


  • Oh, all the best, RainbowMum. Glad you liked the article!

  • I swear there were ninjas cutting onions when I first saw this post! I am so happy for these moms! I didn't experience miscarriage before but it took months and months before I was finally able to conceive. I had to meticulously check my temperature daily  just so I can pinpoint my ovulation. I was so happy to find out we were finally pregnant. Now, we're trying for baby#2.

  • I had a miscarriage on march 15 at only 7 weeks, god is good and made me two little miracles two months later, im now 18 weeks 6 days preg with boy/girl!!! I have two boys already!

  • This is beautiful, I am a mum to be at 38 weeks pregnant with my rainbow after two losses 💖💖
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