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Talkback: Tried and tested: Rockit Rocker


  • Thanks for sharing this, Anna1985. It’s concerning that you found it shook your baby’s head. We have to say that none of our testers mentioned this to us – and they were all asked to test the Rockit very thoroughly. They all provided video footage of their babies using the Rockit too, and it looked super gentle (as you can see in the footage in this article)

    We will pass your comments on to the people behind Rockit, though. We should think they’d be very keen to get in touch with you. Can we please pass on your contact details to them?

  • Hello,

    I've tried it after reading the test results, (You can get in Prenantl in Netherlands.).

    I don't recommend it!!! In the low speed, there is almost no vibration and in the high speed, it shakes the baby head very violently. It is dangerous for babies, specially for new born.

    I'm surprised MFM published it.

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