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Pregnant? Welcome to Due in November 2019

Hello - and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm DanielleMFM and it's lovely to see you here.

Welcome to Due in November 2019! If you'd like to join this thread and meet others who are also due in November 2019, please do post a reply on this thread and introduce yourself.

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  • Finally so excited to be joining this thread 😍 I got my BFP last weekend after 17 months TTC. Due date estimated 6th November although I'm sure this may change slightly! Xx
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    Hi Char!
    Congratulations on you BFP

    I got my BFP yesterday after 9 months of TTC baby No2. Had 2 miscarriages during this time. The last was inbetween Christmas and New Year 😔

    My estimated due date is 8th November!!

    How have you been feeling? 
  • Thank you! 
    Congrats to you too! I'm so sorry you have had such a rough ride. I'm so hoping that you have a very sticky bean.
    I'm feeling okay! Incredibly sore breasts, feel a bit groggy. I have some cramps as well. Can't shake the anxiety of something happening which is frustrating as you just want to be positive! Xxx
  • Thank you!.
    I've been having cramps all day too and my boobs hurt but mostly when I release them for a bra 😂
    It's awful but you always think the worst, I know I do 😔
    I'm just trying to keep strong and pray for a sticky bean!
  • Have you missed a period yet? I'm guessing the cramps are normal! Yes let's pray 🙏🤞 I'm defo going to pay for a private scan as one of my tubes is blocked so my consultant said I'm more at risk of ectopic. that's a worry for me too! I wish we got those 2 lines and it promised everything will be okay! Xx
  • My period should be due tomorrow but with all these months TTC the dates have gone way out of control but the digital test I did said 1-2 weeks so must be a few days late and when I've done a normal test the lines have been clear as day! 
    Oh gosh yes definitely book a private scan! You might be able to find one from groupon?
  • That's awesome :) I missed mine 2 days ago. My tests are so positive now! Yeah I looked on groupon and unfortunately there is nothing near us! I'm seeing my GP next Wednesday xx
  • I'm hoping that my GP will monitor me now after the 2 loses we had. The last one I was scanned at 6 weeks as  started bleeding slightly and there was a huge haematoma around the baby. They picked up the heart beat and then 2 weeks later it was gone and I knew with all the pain and bleeding. My doctor was rubbish though just said well it wasnt meant to be and when I said are you sure there is nothing wrong with me he didn't even examine or run any tests and just said your fine🤬🤬
    I really hope I can carry this pregnancy 😔😥
    Will this be your first baby?
  • Hi all congratulations on you BFP’S!
    I got mine yesterday at a week late but had bfn before that so I think I must have ovulated late I think because I had an eptopic before Christmas and my periods hadn’t gotten back to normal! X 
  • Congratulations @Suzielulu @Char09 and @Cazzie87
    We are so happy to have you guys here. 
  • Congratulations Cazzie! 

    Love that we can share all our experiences on here! Xx
  • Good evening all & congrats! I am approx 5 weeks, this is my second. My son is 7. My boobs are horrendously sore,heavy/full but only once I take my bra off...also dizziness, massive appetite and achy legs! I don’t remember having all these symptoms last time!
  • @Suzielulu I am so hoping it will different for you this time round 🙏 I do hope the GP will give you some sympathy. This is my first baby yes :)

    Ahh hello to @Cazzie87 and @Kate198 cant wait to share this journey with you all!! Xx
  • Hi ladies 
    congratulations to you all I got my bfp at 8dpo but wasn’t sure as the line was so faint.  I did another test on the 9th it was still faint tested today wasn’t even fmu and got a very bold positive.  I’m due November 6.  My boobs are only tender not sore I’ve had a lot of chemical pregnancies so definitely hoping for a sticky bean this time around.  I’m not sure if I’m late yet as my cycle is usually 33 days but I ovulated on cd14 this month thinking it’s because of the clomid. 

    Good of luck to everyone 
  • Question does anyone have trouble laying in your side since you been pregnant as for the past 2 weeks it’s so uncomfortable to sleep on my side, especially the left side. 
  • Welcome @Jandev2015! Hopefully AF will pass you by 🙏 no I haven't had any problems like that sleeping yet! I just keep waking up very early! X
  • Hi congratulations on all your BFP!!! 
    I got mine at 9dpo confirmed with a digital today 😬 
    @char09  @Jandev2015 iv also calculated 6th November for my due date! 
    We have been trying for 8 months and had 1 miscarriage at 11weeks the end of October, 
    hoping this one is a sticky bean!! 💙💗💙💗
  • Yeyyy hi @Loz27!! I can't believe the amount of miscarriages you lovely ladies have been through. Its incredibly scary and it makes me more and more nervous every day! Xx
  • Congratulations on all the BFPs!!! I hope we all have a happy and healthy 9 months!! So exciting!! Xxxxx
  • Yes hoping for a healthy 9 months this time round, 
    does anyone have any symptoms?? 
    Iv also been waking up early char, I don’t know if it’s because Iv been excited to POAS 😂😂 xx
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