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business ideas

Hello all, was wonderng if I can pick your brains ?

After maternity leave I would love to work for myself rather than go back to my current admin/customer service role.

Has anyone got any ideas on small businesses that i could run from home etc

i was thinking maybe a cleaning business cleaning peoples homes/doing their ironing etc, or maybe start running baby massage classes or something?

If it involves beng away from home I would like it to be no more that three days a week due to childcare costs, and need to make around ??150 a week

my pregnancy fogged brain is struggling to come up with ideas!

has anyone else got any ideas/experience?;\)


  • Hi there,

    Have you thought about Avon or Kleeneze?

    There seems to be loads of people in my area doing that. Not sure how much you would make but it would be convienient for you to do from home

  • Hi Lilac, i did think about it but was worried that i wouldn't make enough money from it really... worth looking into further though... maybe if i did both at the same time i would make enough

    anyone else on here do it and make good money?xxx
  • hi faz i did avon and was sending out lots of brochures spending hours delivering and made about ??30 in 3 weeks it was rubbish for me. my aunt runs her own cleaning business and shes making an average of ??250 a week she works 5 days tho but its worth thinking about good luck
    claire x
  • Hi Claire! thanks for replying... does you aunt do peoples houses? also did she find it hard to find customers?

    ??250 a week is great, may be with working a couple of days less than you aunt i could still make around ??150 !xx
  • hi yes she goes around peoples houses all she did was get some leaflets printed put them in local shops and delivered in the area it took a few weeks to build up a regular wage but shes been doing it for just under a year now and has to turn new jobs away as shes that busy. i dont think you have to declare your ea\rnings for 3 months as you are just starting out too (i might have got this wrong though). im a hairdresser and have decided to go self employed after baby is born have you looked into seeing if tax credits will pay towards childcare i decided to work 2 days a week and oh is only on ??14000 a year they will pay 80% of our childcare.
  • had a look into tax credits but we don't get much at all because OH earns ??27000 pa. The thing is though he pays off ??350 a month credit cards from when he was young and foolish and will do for the forseeable future, so even though he is on a good wage that eats into it, but doens't get accounted for by the govt image

    is there a lot of competition when your aunt is based? i'm based in Liverpool so there is prob quite a few cleaners already, hoping there would be room for one more!xx
  • why not do a child care course and look after another child from home - then you can save on child care - a friend of mine has done this and she has 2 children full time and makes about ??900 a month - it depends on how much you like other people children - the course is about 6 weeks x
  • Hi Littlem

    what a great idea! Luckily i adore kids so it would be ideal for me and my lo (and hopefully some other mums who needs childminder!)

    Have been looking at the local council website and they run courses on setting up to! Sounds like a winner

    waiting for OH to get home to go through it all with him to see what he thinks!

    thanks again littlem

    p.s does your friend enjoy it?
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