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Perineal Massage?!!!!

Hi All, Ok - so I have been told that this really helps. Thought it just involved rubbing oil 'down there' but oh no - you have to stretch it, massage etc.
I know all the pros and cons but has anyone actually done this? Plus they say to start at 30 wks and surely you would struggle to get 'down there' by then?
Little Toad xx


  • I've not read how its done or anything like that, but I did show hubby an article in a magazine which gave all of the good reasons for doing it. It also said get your hubby / OH to do it!!!
    Reluctantly - my hubby has agreed when I get to 34 weeks! LOL
    Because I agree, how are we meant to get down there!!!

  • Little Toad I am soooo glad you brought this up! I seem to hear or read something about it everywhere these days and knew nothing about it until about 2 weeks ago, and I am almost 25 weeks! It does all seem rather involved, the stretching etc. I would also like to know how we are meant to get down there....
    Also, a friend of mine did it 2 years ago when she had her first and reckons it is the reason she didn;t tear or need cutting. She did it everyday from 36 weeks, was too embarassed by this point to ask her how she did it that far gone?!?!
    But has anyone done it and not seen the benifits?
  • My hubby has already volunteered to 'help'. I'm a little worried that he's misunderstood what I'm asking but might be fun trying!

    I heard olive oil is good for down there! As for reaching it, i'm already having to stretch to wipe after going to the loo, no way am I going to be able to do that myself (sorry if tmi!)
  • I have to say, I struggle not to laugh at this (very childish I know) but I heard that olive oil is good and I keep having images of hubby catching me with one leg cocked on the worktop rubbing condiments into me bits and thinking I have finally lost it! But if it helps!! I'll take anything! xx
  • i am quite keen to try this as with my daughter i needed an episiotomy and i am hoping to avoid one this time, i too though dont have a clue were to start, i can only just see my bits to shave them let alone start messing around down there! and i dont fancy asking hubby to lend a hand as i know he will get the wrong end of the stick and i cant be particularly bothered with any of that buisness at the moment!!

    Nina 29+2 xx
  • I dont know what this wouild involve either but I have heard of it. Like you Nina_W I needed an episotomy and I tore a little when i had my daughter so i would be very happy to give this a go, anything would be worth not having to get cut again.
    Maybe someone will know how you do it.

  • PMLS at slippers !
    How do we do it then, i need to know the correct way, gonna look online!
  • ok so, were can i get info on perineal massage? should i just google it? i may give it a go xx
  • Eh, not sure if I would be happy to do this now that I have read how you do it.
  • My OH sister has an 8 month old baby and she said this is really good to do. You can get bottles of special gel from mothercare for like a fiver or I think you can even use normal baby oil or massage oil as long as its un-scented. - Im going to start at about 20 weeks - I will do almost anything to avoid tearing or having to be cut!!


  • oh my god! I can't stop laughing!

  • OMG !!!
    I had no idea u had to do it like that lol
    forget it, thats one sure fire way to start something else, i bet a bloke thought of that!!

  • It really does sound like a mission! I WONT be asking my hubby to help with this - think by 35 weeks I will be huge and totally not feeling like spreading the love! I think I will try it though as anything that helps to not tear or being cut has got to be good! It will be interesting to see how I manage with a huge bump by then!
  • image

    Ummmm, I had heard about this and always thought I would def def def do it as am terrified of tearing/cutting. But having read that article I clearly had no idea who ummm, 'involved' it is. I just assumed a 10 second rub with some oil was all it took...!!!
    And EVERY DAY for 6 weeks, AND kegal exercises/ Blimey - I think I will have to go on Mat leave 6 weeks before just to get all this stuff done whilst hubby is at work...!

  • Go for it! I didn't do it (although I had every intention, just didn't quite get round to it!) + I had a second degree tear, despite baby being quite small. Tearing wasn't so bad and it's healed well but obviously I'd have preferred for it not to have happened.:\(
  • i didnt do it with my other 2 and really worried about tearing but luckily was fine and i didnt have small babies! dnt think i can bring myself to sit rubbing oil into my privates in the last few weeks of pregnancy but i do remember my mw giving me a how to leaflet last time!! pmsl!! xxx
  • OMG image

    I had planned to do this, thinking it just meant rubbing in the oil, and ordered some cream from mothercare, but ooo-er, having read on that link how you're actually meant to do it I don't think so somehow.

    Anyone want to buy the gel off me??? :lol:

    Surely just a bit of rubbing in that area will do the trick?
    Ames x
    24 wks
  • Ay carumba! That is NOT my idea of a bit of "intimate massage"!! If my hubby got involved, I can see a swift kick heading his way if he makes my bum "sting!" Gosh, i will have to re-visit this at a later stage, perhaps after watching videos of episiotomies on You Tube to stiffen my resolve!
  • Um, I've actually started doing this a week ago... *blush* I'm 37+1 and quite big, but I find I can reach by standing with one foot propped on the edge of the bath and my back braced against the wall. Definitely NOT something I want my husband involved with at all! image Hopefully it will work. My mother had episiotimies with all three of her children and I am hoping to avoid the same fate, if at all possible.
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