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  • Awww enjoy @Jwebster82! I had a scan yesterday!
    @Andreag1990- half way is amazing!
  • Another scan @EmJ3? Everything ok? x
  • Yeah I was just behind with the  nhs one- had 3 private ones and I nhs one.xx
  • Hope all the scans today go well for you ladies!xx
  • Everything ok @EmJ3 my scan was amazing he is a boy there didn’t confirm but let’s were fully open I seen for myself why can’t I post pics again c
  • We are team PINK adding another little girl to our family. We cannot wait. My gut feeling was girl. 
  • Awwww congratulations @Squish19!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖xxx
  • Congratulations!! @Squish19 Lovely News :) 7 girls, 6 boys, 3 yellows.

    @Lmc92 hope you're OK after your fall, I found out I was R Negative at 16 weeks and have been worried about bumps and falls ever since.

    Turning 20 weeks tomorrow. On one hand its flown by, on the other hand it feels ages ago that I saw that little faint line on a stick. 
  • Congrats squish!!! :)
  • Lovely news squish! Congrats 💗
  • Congrats squish on wee girl can’t believe I am 18 weeks 2day but omg I need stop buying can’t help myself I order him a load of knitted stuff my friend got wee man his swing and order him a bean bag trying upload his wardrobe x
  • On my way to our 20 week scan, feel stupidly anxious 😔
  • Sending you some love thuperRah, hope all goes well for you. It’s awful the nerves we can feel but I really do feel for all you ladies who’ve had bad experiences at scans. Hopefully you get to see your little baby kicking around and causing mischief! And hope Baby is very healthy xx
  • @AlisP thank you 😊 it is a constant worry isn’t it! Congrats on being 20 weeks I’m 20 weeks tomorrow, when is your scan? I’m so anxious all the time xx

  • Congrats on baby girl 💗💗💗
  • All good with the scan 😥 And still a girl 🤣
    I've not really any reason to be anxious but it seems to be quite bad this time. 
    They have requested a Doppler scan at 23 weeks due to my pre-eclampsia last time. 
  • So glad the scan went well ThuperRah! 😀
    You all seem so far ahead having your 20 week scans ... Only just had my 16 week midwife appointment today! 
  • So glad everything’s good
  • Thumper glad all gd at scan happy pink shopping I really need stop just got wee man more bottles tHars him got 12 got his chanting mat bedding order 50 pound knitted stuff not be buying anything next week as it week before hubby paid 😂😂😂 x
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