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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • I'm at the stage of the tww where I don't really care anymore.. I wouldn't be surprised if I got a bfn and if af showed up next Friday. I guess I'm frustrated.. but very happy it's Friday and I will make sure to relax and take time for me! xx

    Good luck Flowers! xx

  • Fx Flowers. Cautiously optimistic for you.
    Fx Trying and Billy. I know you still have about a week to test Billy. 
    I'm 9-10dpo today with nausea and cramping.  AF is due 25-26th. My nausea got so bad that OH convinced me to test (he didn't have much convincing to do by the way 😏 ), even though I told him I had similar symptom last month...its progesterone blah blah.
    What do you know? A bfn on FRER. Wasn't as disappointed as I tot I would be. I guess I'm kind of desensitized by now from seeing bfn after trying for over 16 cycles.
    Now I can relax until Monday or Tuesday.  Fx she stays away from all of us. 
  • Sorry about your bfn giegie hunni still early though xxxxx

    Again good flowers keep checking my messages to see if it's you lol

    Everyone else good luck next week not long to go now for everyone xxx
  • Oh no Giegie, sorry to hear about the bfn.. it is still too early though.. don't despair. And you're right, don't pay too much attention to symptoms just yet, it's probably just progesterone.

    Trying, I'm the same.. I keep coming back to see if Flowers tested yet!! haha

  • Sorry girls, did a test and it’s a bfn, so I just cried for ages. So confused as why am I so late and feeling the way I’m feeling and not pregnant? Suppose just wait and see if af turns up if not test again in a few days xxx 
  • I'm really sorry hunni I'm gutted for you hope it's wrong and she does not show up xxxxxx
  • Thanks trying, just got to play the waiting game now, would rather af just turn up and get onto the next cycle xxxx 
  • That's understandable hunni xxx
  • Af has just turned up with a vengeance! I’m kind of glad in a way. So last cycle and this cycle was 29/30 days xxx 
  • Sorry to hear that she turned up hun. So disheartening ☹. Big hugs and fx for next cycle. 
  • Soo sorry hunni it's bloody heart breaking and not fair this journey but will be worth it in the end just wish I knew when that was for a us all xxxxx
  • Thanks girls wouldn’t of been able to do this without all your support it means so much to me! ❤️❤️ Think this cycle has been a big lesson to leave it till cd30 before even thinking about my period being late xxxx
  • Hi ladies. It’s friday again we made it! Sorry to hear about the bfn’s ladies. It’s so hard each time, don’t be too hard on yourselves. I hadda go to mother care today to buy a gift for a family friend who had a baby yesterday. Omg the cuteness I thought my ovaries were gonna explode! I couldn’t decide what to buy her and did think oh o can’t waot to come in here for myself! Trying to stay positive! Have a lovely weekend ladies 
  • Hello ladies, 

    Flowers so sorry to hear she turned up. I hope you manage to get some rest time before the madness starts again. Sending hugs

    Sorry about your BFN Giegie but as you said still early. 🤞 for you .

    Genebella, everytime I'm shopping for friends babies or my niece's my ovaries do the same. Hopefully well be shopping for us very soon. 

    Hope everyone else is good whether in tww or waiting to ovulate .

    It's funny that since I'm having a break this month I've had zero symptoms. Not even a twinge to obsess about. I've marked cramps every cycle around 6/7 dpo for as long as I''ve been chatting but this cycle hardly anything has happened. Shows you what the power of our minds can do. My AF is due next Sunday. I think next cycle when we try again I'm going to try and continue this relaxed approach. 

    I hope we all get out babies very soon. 

    Love to you all. Xxx
  • Hi ladies. Just thought I’d pop in, got a letter from the Dr yesterday re my blood test at cd21. It confirmed I id ovulate and my hormone levels are excellent. Will have to call them tomoro to see what the next step is or do we just take it easy and relax. I’m please dthe truly was good.  Not sure if I should get hubby to have a superb count done. Hope your all enjoying ur weekend
  • Hi all,
    Thanks Sas.
    Pleased for you that all is well Genabella. It wouldn't hurt to get your hubby to get a sperm analysis. The test does not only look at sperm count but also on motility (what % of them are moving about) and morphology (shape/deformity). There are drugs to treat this, so its always good to know. But I learnt that men are usually reluctant to go for test. 
  • Yes he said this eve he would go for one if I thought he needed to so I’ll work on that I think. Won’t do any harm I think. I think he’s starting to feel the struggle now as much as me. Will call the Dr tomoro and see what they say. Hope everyone had a good weekend 
  • Im happy to hear all came back positive genabelle that’s excellent! Now if your oh does the test, you’ll have a clear picture of where you two stand! Good luck xx
    Im 11 dpo today and the only symptom I’ve had since Friday is sore and heavy breasts. A little tired too...I was still productive and got.a lot done over the weekend, but I’m exhausted today and decided to stay home from work. 
    Have a good day xx
  • Her Majesty has arrived on time, so on to the next cycle, and 🤞🤞 for those still un the TWW.
  • Genabella glad everything has come back ok with you hunni and if oh has tests hope all comes back ok with him too  xxx

    Good luck Billy hope you get bfp hunni  xxx

    Giegie sorry about the witch hunni I hope you get your bfp next month xxx

    Hope everyone else is ok xxx
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