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How to cure first trimester insomnia?

So Ive know I'm pregnant for a little over a week, my first hint was I just couldnt sleep one night. I never had this last time round. 

So it's now past 4am and I've been in bed since about 9pm as I was so tired. Slept an hour and PING! Awake and can't get comfy. My lg is going to be up in a couple of hours so I really need to get this sorted. 

Any tips? 


  • it will pass hun i used to try winde down towards night go bed wheb i feel really tired have bath and drink hot milk it is annoying but does go after a while xx
  • wow i didnt know this was a thing I havent been able to sleep for the last 2 nights thought i was just nervous. only found out I am pregnant yesterday about 4 weeks, but thought it was just nerves. So I might be having many more sleepless nights haha I am so tired today
  • @Lauri27 I'm shattered too. My little girl is only 6 months so thankfully I can join her in nap time (if I manage to sleep). Hopefully it's just at the very start as I'm between 4 and 5 weeks too 
  • Evelynsmummy6390 do you have lots of other symptoms? Or did you at 3-4 weeks. I only have big boobs they were super painful yesterday but today not to bad I’m worried that it’s a bad sign that I don’t have lots of symptoms or that the boobs are not as painful today
  • I had some pulling type pains but I probably wouldn't have recognised them if I hadn't had them last time. I wouldn't worry about no symptoms unless you are bleeding as plenty people don't get them at all. 

    Last time round I got hyperemesis at around 4+2/3 and threw up constantly until she was born so right now I'm just happy it's not come back.... Yet
  • thanks makes me feel better I’m super bloated besides that and the boobs no symptoms. Glad your feeling better this time round. Just can’t wait till Thursday when I get my hcg levels checked again and make sure it’s doubling 
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