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Husband has no intrest in me or our baby , please help

Im currently 27 weeks pregnant and in a high risk pregnancy. Since finding out i was pregnant at 9 weeks my husband has no intrest in me or our child. Hes gone to two appointments with me and was on his phone or complaining the whole time. I am at the drs 3 times a week because shell be here soon, he refuses ro put the nursery together that my parents are coming to help do it. All he does now is work and play his game. He doesnt talk to me unless its to argue or i try to go out to get air. I dont know what to do at this point, im honestly considering getting a divorce, He means the world to me but our child deserves better. Can someone please help me!


  • I hope things have gotten better for you, he sounds like a real jerk and like you deserve better too. I would take him to counselling if things do not or have not gotten better, he may be going through a lot mentally and emotionally and not know how to handle it or treat you the right way but that's not fair to you. Try and talk to him and figure out what is going on with him but always put your baby first.
  • Sounds to me he has some issues and needs to grow up abit he obviously immature and not intrested i think u should talk to him be brave and say ur either with me or not or u go and do it alone ur doing it alone anyway irs really scary to think ur be alone but if things dont change they most likely wont and things could get quite bad argueing anger hope u have friends and family around u to support you hope ur feeling ok xx
  • Ahh hun! Is this your first baby? Maybe he just needs a little time to adjust. Men don't really bond with baby when you are pregnant, its hard for them as they cant feel baby the same way. I am sure when baby arrives he will be different. Also try talking to him and explaining how important it is that he is supportive. I know it must be very stressful being high risk. It probably is for him too. I dont know what your issues are but maybe he doesnt want to do the nursery incase anything goes wrong. 

    Try talking to him thats the best place to start. You sound like you love him very much. Give give him a chance to meet baby things might totally change
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