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  • Yes MrsG you are entitled to paid leave for all appointments, no they don’t check for hcg in your blood I asked at my appointment it’s for things like blood type, HIV, red cell antibodies hepatitis B virus 
  • Regarding my appointments last time, I just said "doctors appointment" until it was common knowledge. 

    I did a digital test on Monday and it said 1-2 weeks so I completely disregarded it. I didn't read the leaflet properly, apparently that means 1-2 since conception. So the test puts me at 5-6 weeks, LMP has be at almost 8 weeks but I should imagine it's about 6. Only another 6 weeks to go until 12 week scan hopefully :-D 

    I've had a crazy idea of not finding out what we're having 😂 hubby is playing advocate and says he can go without finding out but I think he is just trying to annoy me because he knows I can never wait for anything! 

  • Morning all, had a bit if a stressful afternoon yesterday. Had a bit of brown when I wiped. No one seems to be concerned 🤷🏻‍♀️ also had some minor cramping. No fresh blood though. Also got my 12 week scan through! Xx
  • Hey @Char09, I totally get the panic of seeing blood. I had it last time and I panicked so much. The EPU were pretty much the same with telling me not to worry but did an early scan anyway in my case it really was nothing - they think just an irritated cervix. Im pretty sure they only agreed to see me because they handled my mc so badly and were scared I took it further but if you're really concerned keep on at them and they might give in x
  • EPU were definitely not interested in me yesterday. They are not bothered until they see fresh blood, that's reassuring but still brown blood is still blood!! I did feel a bit silly after and felt fobbed off xx
  • That's how it was when I was this stage with my daughter. I wiped a couple of times and noticed brownish red at about 7-8 weeks I think. I called 111, they got my into the out of hours gp, they did a urine sample then sent me to the EPU did blood and examination then called me back for a scan. All was fine and the product of which woke me up by opening my eyelid this morning saying "awake now mummy?" Lol I would call drs and make a fuss. 
  • @Char09 never feel silly, this is your baby and you're allowed to be worried about it. I hate on websites how they say bleeding is normal, it's not, but it is quite common. I'd want it checked out too. 
  • So I haven't had any today yet. If I do I will be more demanding! Yeah its hard I just feel like they are not bothered unless you have passed the 12 week mark. Until then it can be quite a worrying and lonely time! Thanks ladies, it really does help being able to chat about experiences xx
  • Hi ladies,

    Just wanted to echo your thoughts of just how lonely this 12 week wait is! It is totally about if you're not 12 weeks, they dont care.

    I've ended up booking another private early scan next week, just for reassurance 
  • @Hopefulolderlass do you mind if I ask where you have booked with? We are struggling to find somewhere to get an early scan, baby bond at Mothercare want £99 for a 10 minute appointment. We have a window to the womb but they stopped doing them now! 
  • Hope your ok char! My Epu was really good with me my last mc they got me in straight away and was ever so nice shame there not the same at you end, when is your 12wk scan xx
  • Hey @Bluehawaii90, I have booked into early baby scan in Wakefield.  They are brilliant and very informative. £55 so not too bad, especially considering I'm not spending  pennies in prosecco or coffee. I miss prosecco 😂
  • Finally they will see me tomorrow afternoon! My 12 week scan is 26th April xx
  • Yes I just need to relax until then! Nothing I can do! Xx
  • That’s great char, my 12wk scan is 29th April thinking of having another scan in a week or so it’s £79 near me I called a place yesterday which is £60 but the lady said we arnt taking appointments as the sonographer is on holiday I was like oh ok bye then! 
    I thought well why arnt you booking things in for her return and I thought they would have more than one sonographer x
  • One thing scared me about these random "we scan your baby" clinics is at this early stage they often get a better picture with a transvaginal scanner. It's one thing when the hospital does it...but I'm paranoid of who some of these people are lol 
  • Hey loz, wow that's ridiculous lol, private scans are insanely expensive!! Xx
  • @Bluehawaii90 I agree. If I'm honest my first private scan wasnt very reassuring lol! I only felt reassured as I saw it myself and the heartbeat! It felt rushed xx
  • Hi ladies, found out I was expecting just over a week ago, which we are happy about. I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks at the end of November last year, so I just totally paranoid now! I was told baby had stopped growing around 8 weeks.
    this will be baby number 11 for me 😊 I have 9 children at home and our baby Stanley passed away at 12 days old in the nicu in 2014. He was born at 26 weeks at home when I went into spontaneous labour.
    all my pregnancy’s were fine, I had sickness with them all, apart from some prem delivery’s at 31 weeks (twins) and Stanley at 26 weeks and my youngest daughter was born at 28 weeks, everyone was healthy but the pregnancy I miscarried I had hardly any symptoms.
    that was my first miscarriage so now I’m a complete paroniod wreak thinking it could happen again
    all I want now is for morning sickness to kick in, I do have the old pain in my boobs and the odd day where I’m completely wiped out but that’s it at the moment. 

    Just keeping my my fingers crossed 🤞 that all goes ok this time

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