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Pregnant with endometriosis + cyst HELP!

This is a long shot but has this happened to anyone else?
I’m not posting for myself.

My friend has found out shes pregnant last week. She’s now 6 weeks. She was in so much pain that she went a&e and had a scan and found that there is a sac, this was at 5 weeks, they also found a cyst on her ovary and they told her that she has endometriosis.

She is still in a lot of pain, it comes in waves and it’s unbearable pain, was told to take paracetamol but it’s not doing much. The tens machine is helping though! 

She has a scan next week to check cyst. 

Is it supposed to hurt so much with endo and a cyst? I hope it’s just things growing as I remember it being sore the first trimester with all the growth!

Any advice or experience so much appreciated


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