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Anyone else in the 2WW?

Currently in the 2 week wait and going insane waiting to test 😂 I'm currently on 7DPO. Had belly cramps for about the last 4 days and have a headache today too!


  • Yes I am at 12dpo and having cramps and brown discharge when wiping so I am not being hopeful hope you have good news

  • Have you done a test yet x
  • Do you normally get belly cramps? I'm 5 or 6 days away from period.
  • I never usually get belly cramps no. They feel like period pains (which I only get when  I come on, never in between cycles). 

    I'm 6 or 7 days from period. When are you gona test x
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    I don't have any symptoms. I track my CM and it indicates that my period is coming rather than a BFP :-(
    I would test once I have missed a period with a FRER. But I'd probably use a cheap tests from 12DPO even with no symptoms as i get obsessed.

    When will you test?
  • I'm the same. Itching to test 😣 will definitely be doing some early ones before I hopefully miss one x
  • Yes, I’m currently 4dpo. AF due 7th May. I’m not planning on testing before then. I feel that I’ve spent too much money on tests over the past 6 months 😂
  • Hi ladies 5 days til AF but really runny nose, headaches and sore nips (tmi sorry!) been dizzy today as well but that could be the cold. Trying to stay very calm this month as last month I got in such a state and ended up with a period that was 14 days late! So zen vibes here but I do have an early detection one here so might just do a wee sneaky check x
  • I'm 6 days till AF so only a day behind you xx
  • @misselgee24 have you done any tests yet? I’ve done 2 clear blue early ones and the first one had a line that was barely noticeable, the second had a v.v.v.v faint line. Can’t decide if it’s wishful thinking or not so waiting on my husband getting home so I can go get a first response early test! Hate the waiting! 
  • I did an early response today and negative 10dpo :(
  • Not even a faint line. Feel so disheartened. Fingers are crossed for you tho x
  • @misselgee24 doesn’t mean you’re out yet. If you ovulated later than you think you could not be ready yet. I’ll keep everything crossed for you x
  • Alot of members with a faint line end up being bfp when they test a few days later. So your luck may be in x
  • Hope so! I have no patience for waiting around for Mother Nature! 
  • @Ninjabunni

    I definitely ovulated 2 weeks ago Friday as I use clearblue ovulation tests. Got my smiley faces Thursday and Friday. Then no smiley Saturday. My periods are usually bang on 2 weeks after my last smiley face. So 99% sure I'm due on Friday. 

    Going to test again tomorrow as I see alot get a faint line on 11dpo.

    Let me know how you get on with FRER as that's what I used x
  • Told you I have no patience! This is a FR but not an ER one. What do you think ladies?
  • Looks positive to me!
  • Lord I hope so. I’m going to get a FRER one and do that tomorrow morning to check x
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