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Anyone else in the 2WW?



  • What was the first dpo that you got a line x
  • Today is the only definitive albeit faint line I’ve had, I think the others were wishful thinking on my part. I’m 11dpo x
  • Exciting times. Does your partner know yet? Did you test yesterday and get negative? Xx
  • Yeah hubby knows, he’s excited but trying to chill til tomorrow morning. I got what I thought were faint (very very) lines but he thought were negatives but this is the first one we both agree we can see x
  • Fingers crossed is dpo11 for me too then tomorrow x

  • Top one is FRER and the bottom is just a normal FR both from the same sample this morning. I’m not going mad am I? This is an actual positive?? X
  • Can definutley see a line though. 11dpo and nothing at all for me
  • I recounted mine from when I think my ovulation was compared to what my app said and I’m actually 13dpo so don’t lose heart. This took us 9 months this time round. We just went with baby dancing every other day all month regardless of OTs x
  • Thanks for your help. All the best to you x
  • Huge congratulations @Ninjabunni If you fancy kicking off our brand new Due in January 2020 birth club, we would love to have you! 

  • Oh good, nice to have an admin confirm it looks like a positive! Don’t know why but so tentative to believe it! I’ll pop over to that group now x
  • i am also in the 2ww!....i am 2dpo....already trying to notice symptoms even though i know its probably not possible yet ffs its enough to drive ya mad all this lol im so impatient its unreal! xx
  • I am 8dpo now & it feels like one of the longest tww that I’ve ever had. I don’t want to symptom spot too much, but I’ve had creamy Cm for the past couple of days (I got this before my BFP in March). But on the other hand I have very heavy & tender breats & I normally get that right before AF 
  • I'm at 6dpo and I'm crazy and tested today even though I know It's practically impossible.. but I literally Saw something in like 2 minutes! It don't have color but was a thick line.

    Ive had a negative following that. So I'm gonna wait Closer to af due date and try again. 

  • @Mommaof2:) It seems like that TWW does not get any easier even if you have 2 children! :) My husband and I are trying for our first baby. 2nd cycle, 2nd week of TWW. AF is due 9th/10th May. Today is 8DPO. I am NOT going go test this time. Either AF arrives, or will wait until 13th.  What brand of tests have you been using? 
  • Hope you don’t mind me joining. Completely unexpected but I think I have got a bfp?! What do you think? I was due on yesterday, tested this morning as I had no signs of AF - very unusual for me!
  • Yup that’s a positive (providing you took the photo and read the test at the appropriate time) congrats!! 
  • BBStanBBStan Regular
    edited May 4, 2019 10:20PM
    Thank you for replying! I did! I can’t believe it. I think I will do another one in the morning to make sure 
  • @BBStan Congratulation!!!! <3 I am very happy for you! For how long were you trying? 
  • Thank you!! We weren’t! It’s actually a complete surprise
    i did another test this morning just to make sure and it’s definitely positive. Can’t  believe it! 

    Good of luck to everyone trying!!
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