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BFP, ‘normal’ period, then more BFP. Help!!


My last proper period was 19-22 March. My cycles are 35 days.
I believe I ovulated around 8th April, but cannot be sure. 
Last weekend 19th-22nd April I had a faint but definitely there positive on pregnancy tests each day, except for clear blue digi which said not pregnant. On 23rd my “period” started but was incredibly light and brown, then 24th-27th had what seemed like a normal period. The last couple of days haven’t felt right, really sore boobs, nausea and TMI a lot of loose bowel movements. Thought I’d take a test as don’t ever get symptoms like this, continued faint BFPS the last 2 days again minus a digi that said not again. 

What on earth is going on!?


  • What type of tests are you using? Have you got any photos? 
  • I would recommend to go and see GP. Sometimes loose stool might be sign of MC or ectopic pregnancy. Better be safe than sorry
  • I haven’t got any photos at the mo, will try and get one :smile:

    i have an appointment tomorrow, I fear it’s not going to be good. Shame as we’ve been trying for 5 months but if it’s not meant to be. 

    Thanks for replying guys :smiley:
  • Let us know after GP appointment
  • So I went to the GP this morning, she didn’t really know what to suggest. She agrees my symptoms are definitely those of being pregnant, so either it’s MC/EP or a viable pregnancy. 

    She was going to just send me to sit and wait but went to ask her senior first, who has sent me to a scan in EPAU to see what’s going on. I’m not hopeful. :(
  • Just think you will know for sure and it's better than not knowing 
  • I had that with my son, had my period exactly when I was meant to, and now I have a 14 month old all fit and healthy :) it is possible! Good luck hun I hope it all goes okay  xx
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