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Hello and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm @DanielleMFM and it's lovely to see you here. 

Welcome to Due in January 2020! If you'd like to join this thread and meet others who are also due this month, please do post and introduce yourself.

Start as many threads as you like here in your Due in January 2020 category, from due dates to scan dates to baby names, or symptoms, whatever you want to chat about, go for it! 

If you're due in a different month, check out our other birth clubs here.



  • So excited! Worked out by due date as being the 6th Jan.... my little boy will turn 3 on the 9th Jan! Talk about close together birthdays! X
  • DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
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    Hey @Ninjabunni - thanks so much for kicking off our brand new birth club, and huge congratulations! We're sure more peeps will be joining you here very soon :) 
  • So excited! Worked out by due date as being the 6th Jan.... my little boy will turn 3 on the 9th Jan! Talk about close together birthdays! X
    Congratulations!!! I have same situation my boy will be 5 in July and I am due 3days after his birthday
  • Hi I had my first positive today should be due around the 12th of January x
  • We are thrilled to see you back in another birth club @Rainbowsunshine huge congratulations! 

  • Thankyou danielle hopefully this time everything will go smoothly xx
  • We have everything crossed for you x
  • Hi RainbowSunshine! Hope you have a smooth pregnancy. My little one will be due on 6th Jan so we’re very close x
  • Congratulations everyone! So I’ve just found out I’m expecting and from what I worked out I should be due around the 7th jan x
  • Congrats Miss44! Very exciting! How are you feeling so far? X
  • Thank you! I’m good ok thanks, just keep getting headaches and having the odd dizzy spell. I hope this is normal, I can’t ring the doctors till Tuesday now x
  • It is normal, I had that with my first. I think it’s to do with blood pressure adjusting in early pregnancy but don’t quote me on it. You’ll be fine if you take it easy x
  • Congrats 

    Yes dizziness is defo normal I had it last time was one of the reason I did a test this time I wouldn't even known if I hadn't done a test well alot of tests Haha 
    I'm at a wedding today of one of my best friends I'm thinking of saying I'm on antibiotics dont want anyone knowing this early x
  • Good idea Rainbow. I’ve used that one before (tooth abscess gives you antibiotics that you definitely can’t drink with!)  it just makes it easier. You should only tell people when you’re ready. Enjoy the wedding! X
  • Thanks ninja had a lovely day no one actually noticed my close friend knows so they were just drinking my drinks that were on the table ha xx
  • Hi all. Just found out I’m expecting, should be due around 13th January. Anyone else really sick already?!
  • Hi, hope it’s ok to join you. I think I’m due around 3rd Jan, this will be our first so all very new!! Can’t believe how quickly symptoms have kicked in, I’m always tired already!!! 
  • Geriatricmum nope not really. I’m a bit queasy and very headaches and have had approximately 55 naps in the last 2 days but I’m not massively ill, I take it you’re feeling rough? 

    Hey Alou! Course you’re welcome in here! Congrats! I’m preggers with my second. First time round just enjoy all the rest you can and enjoy every second of it! It’s lovely! X
  • I’m tired too.. and sick . Urgh. It’s my fourth ...but nearly 7 years since my youngest, I think I’m just a bit too old for this :-) 
  • Congratulations everyone. This weekend I’ve been so tired! Been waking up though the night having hot sweats 🙈 and my boobs are so painful. No sickness yet x
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