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2 year old wont sleep in bed or cot only her buggy

edited May 7, 2019 12:16PM in Toddler
Hi all my LG was 2 in December and for the last few months she screams about going into her bed. She gets her self all worked up. She only sleep in her buggy which i would not say is suitable for all night. 
I feel like I am loosing the will with her. I can't let her scream as I have older children and y neighbours moan :( 
Please has anyone know what I can do. Kel 


  • Is she in a cot or a bed? Maybe changing her to a 'big girls bed' (even a toddler bed from Ikea would do) would help? 
    But you really can't let her sleep in a buggy - be firm, and screw what the neighbours say. 
  • Toddlers and sleeping can be very tough. A good routine is key. A nice bath and then bedtime routine. Maybe  choose a story you could read when she is in her bed, offer a drink and give her some of your time. I agree with the poster above you cant give in. You may have older children and neighbours but you cant be rulled by being afraid of her screaming. Being persistant and not giving in will mean she will very quickly adjust. You may have a couple bad nights but it will get better. My son is 2 and i have just taken the sides off his cot. The first night he got up 15 times. On night 3 he only got up once. You just have to stick with it. But making bedtime nice with a story and a cuddle may help
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