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  • Kmic I haven't got an appointments as of yet midwife doesn't see us till 8 weeks but I am going to ring soon and get booked in will defo be doing the same trying for an early scan at 8 week appointment and if that fails booking one 

    Huge congrats fingers crossed number 3 so glad we are all back here and this time enjoy a happy journey together 

    I love the name archie...really cute xx
  • @KMic looking forward to this journey together again ❤️
    @Geriatricmum it’s insane isn’t it.... I have two little girls already with my husband wee bit worried about age gap with the kids as it will be nearly 10 years between eldest and baby... but sure it will be ok. Looking forward to all our chats ladies xx
    There is 9 year gap between me and my little sister and we have the most amazing relationship. When she was born I was disappointed to begin with because she was a girl 🙈 (I was 10years old) but the I realised it was like having a real toy baby. I helped my mum with everything, even as she got older and getting her from school. Xx
  • I quite prefer a age gap my now 18 month old when she was born my other children was 15 14 9 and 6 and it has been brilliant shes like the queen 😂 each and everyone of them love her and want to be around her and always help me with her I was worried how it would be when I was pregnant with her but she just fit in like she had always been here xx
  • Awww I love hearing all this about age gaps :) I think because the girls are only 2 years apart and I see how they are together I worried that a big gap would be difficult. Trying to not think too far ahead at the moment and take things week at a time :) xx
  • I was also worried about an age gap - our son will be a few weeks shy of turning 3 when this babe is born. I do have a friend who had older children (8 and 10) when her youngest was born and she said it was great be aus they were so helpful with him! 
  • I'm sooo tired!!

    We're due to move house this weekend too (great timing eh!!) I now will not be able to help out as much as i'd planned .... does anyone know if I should be totally avoiding lifting? Or just really heavy stuff? I helped my OH dismantle the wardrobe the other night... perhaps shouldnt have got quite so involved!! Going to try not to worry about it too much though.. 
  • Loss my little boy will turn 3 just 3 days after this one arrives if it comes when it’s due but I think it’s a lovely gap. There’s 3 years between me and my brother and we are very close, always have been x
  • @KMic I would avoid anything medium to heavy in weight. Just to be on the safe side! I think it's one of those things that is muddled in terms of what is safe/what's not. Like, I have a toddler who is about 13/14kg and I still pick him up, but I probably wouldn't be moving around boxes of stuff that weighs that much, if that makes sense?

    @Ninjabunni that's great to hear! I think my biggest concern is them having kids to play with - their cousins are all going to be older (youngest is 5 years older than my son, and the rest are all older) and I remember growing up with much older cousins, but luckily I had my sister and brother to play with! 
  • @lozzz yeah I hear ya! I think i'll take on a more project manager approach and direct people where to put things!! I'm good at bossing people around so i'll manage! Haha! 
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    I think that's a safe call KMic 👍My job is quite active and I have a huge dog so I'm just carrying on the normal routine with his walks and stuff at work just not doing anything that would overly strain myself. Hope the move goes well ☺️Xx 
  • Thanks @ALR90 ... still waiting to hear if we are exchanging contracts today! It's been a nightmare process! Fingers crossed :) 
  • Is it just me or is anyone else very thirsty! I was like this a few weeks ago and I am again today 🙈
  • @Miss44 HAHA! Nope not me - no more so than normal anyway ... havent gone off tea / coffee yet either! x
  • I feel pretty normal to be honest! Lol apart from the tiredness which has been unbelievable, I don’t have many other symptoms really. Kind of hoping it stays that way!
  • Yes I’m so thirsty at the moment and for cold drinks which I never normally want! Otherwise I’m just tired all the time!!
  • Just curious....have any of you told any friends or family? I really want to hold off until 12 weeks but it's so difficult! But totally aware it's risky especially hearing what some of you have so sadly been through recently xxx
  • Nope I’ll wait until it’s too obvious 😂
  • I have told my two close friends as was going to one of there weddings but that's it I'll probs end up telling my mum in a couple of weeks as dount I'll be able to hold off till first scan but everyone else after our 12 week scan xx
  • Pixie89 said:
    Just curious....have any of you told any friends or family? I really want to hold off until 12 weeks but it's so difficult! But totally aware it's risky especially hearing what some of you have so sadly been through recently xxx
    We’ve told our parents, but we will wait to tell everyone else. 

    I’m also really thirsty, although I find it worse at night. I haven’t had much sickness so I’ll be happy if I could avoid that. 
  • I think I’m going to try and wait until 12 weeks if I can
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