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  • Hi everyone. 
    We’ve just found out yesterday that we’re ezpecting baby number 2! We currently have a 14 month old called Izzy :smiley:
    I’m absolutely exhausted and already starting to feel nauseous. Worries me as I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum with my first. 
    Doctors appointment booked for Monday! Hope everyone is feeling ok. X
  • I have got my first appointment with the midwife on 10th of June but I had previously booked a doctors appointment on the 1st of June. Do you think I need both or do I just need to see the midwife?
  • congratulations Samantha ! I'm still trying to book my doctors appointment they are a nightmare to get hold of 🙈 X 
  • That's my most major symptom that I have is tired all the time 
    Got my midwife appointment for the 6th of June xx
  • Well I've caved tonight booked a scan for the 31st of may I'm far to impatient 🙈 xx
  • That's exciting rainbow 😁😁😁
  • You’re just right to do it Rainbow, the reassurance will be worth its weight in gold to you x
  • Congratulations to everyone .I have had a positive pregnancy test today 2 days period late 
    Feeling cramping and sore breasts wet feeling down below. 
  • Morning everyone! 

    Firstly - no more blood for me! MUST have thankfully just been a little bit of implantation. 

    Secondly - we successfully moved house yesterday! I did do a bit of lifting / moving, but only light stuff! Now to actually settle in. Does anyone know if i’m Ok to paint?! The fumes etc won’t affect anything will they? 

    Welcome to anyone new. Glad you seem ok too @Fingerscrossednumber3 😍😘 

    happy Saturday everyone xx
  • Yay! So pleased you’re ok Kmic! Glad you’re moved hose as well and hope you settle in and can relax! 
    I shouldn’t imagine that painting would be a disaster other than the physical stress of it. Choose low fine paint, open windows and get someone else to do the actual painting! X
  • So I had some very light bleeding last night after sex. Just a very pale pink brown colour. Got up again 2 hours later and had nothing at all. I got myself completely worked up over it last night but now I’m thinking it was probably nothing to worry about? I don’t know!

    Kmic - congrats on the move! So glad everything went smoothly for you and no more blood
  • Yay! Glad to hear you haven't seen any more blood, @KMic! I wouldn't think painting would be an issue as long as you're well ventilated. Maybe try and do the areas where you don't need to be doing lots of stretching? 

    @BBStan I wouldn't stress as it was brownish (i.e. Old) and sex can sometimes cause a bit of blood due to the vigorous nature of it lol. Perhaps just take it easy and keep an eye on things just in case, but I doubt it is anything serious 😊

    I had a close friend pop over today with her bubba. He's 7 weeks old and we had some good snuggles. I forget how teeny tiny they are when they're fresh 😍 although she did mention he eats every 2 hours at night time haha. Not looking forward to THAT part 😂😂
  • Thanks Lozzz - hopefully nothing to worry about then!
  • Oh Lozz I know!! I think I’ve fooled myself into thinking it’ll Be fine this time round! The endless exhaustion is something else!!
  • Welcome @Samanthajanex - we remember you from some time ago! Congratulations and so lovely to have you back. Also welcome @Butterfly550 and huge congratulations to you. How you doing today? 
  • Thank you everyone I am ok just cramps and sore boobs sometimes during days I got a positive test just one day after period late
  • is it normal to feel insomnia in early pregnancy 4 weeks and no appetite 
  • @Butterfly550 I’ve
    got the same. Shattered but struggling to sleep more than 3/4 hours a night and actually lost 6lbs in weight in a week! I’m forcing myself to eat little bits of healthy food for the baby’s sake, but I have no desire to eat at all (even though normally I’m a huge pig 😂)
  • @Butterfly550 I’m like that! And this not sleeping is crazy me made 😩
  • I’m right there with you ladies!! SO TIREDDDD 😭😭 
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