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Hcg of 19 and light bleeding and cramping

hi everyone I’m currently 5 weeks pregnant and in hospital as my hcg is 19 and vaginal bleeding although it’s only light and not much at all. Has anyone else had this ?


  • Hi, 
    I was 5 weeks until I bled lots on Monday. The dr told me it has gone, but I never knew what levels were at as I didn’t have a blood test. 
    Sorry that doesn’t answer your question, just didn’t want to read it and not reply x
  • Drs did a scan today and they think I’ve miscarried 
  • I’m sorry, I don’t really know levels either. I thought they were supposed to be in the hundreds, then thousands.
    sorry you’re going through
  • Kayla I’m so sorry to hear that, I didn’t get a scan as I had a big clot and the urine test was negative.
    I hope you’re ok, pm if you want x 
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