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Successful pregnancy after 2 consecutive miscarriages

I got pregnant with my daughter after 6 months of trying, had a normal pregnancy and a relatively easy labour. So when it came to trying for our second child it never occurred to me we would have any problems. 

I came off the pill in the January and got pregnant  straight away before I had even had a period. However I started bleeding when I was around 8 weeks and we discovered I was miscarrying, the embryo had not developed further than 4/5 weeks. In the end I had surgery. We were devastated but on speaking to the doctors and lots of research it seemed that this was not uncommon and we felt reassured that it was unlikely to happen  again. We had planned to wait but caught again before I had a period, I just knew immediately that something wasn't right with this pregnancy and at our 'reassurance' scan discovered that basically the same thing had happened again, I had surgery to manage this miscarriage 3 months after the first surgery. It was beyond awful. 

We were referred, in error, to see a specialist. I learnt that it is actually very common to have two consecutive miscarriages and therefore the NHS do not normally refer you until a 3rd consecutive miscarriage has occurred. We were told there was nothing wrong and that we could continue to try but to wait 6 months. This time we were very cautious and 6 months later we got pregnant for a third time and that pregnancy resulted in my healthy now 4 month old baby boy. 

I still don't know why I suffered two consecutive miscarriages, it could be because I hadn't allowed my body to have a cycle after coming off the pill and then for not having a cycle/ letting my body recover after the surgical management of the first miscarriage. However my obsessive Google research suggests that lots of pregnancies started this way are successful and that there is a higher chance of getting pregnant in the first 6 months after a miscarriage. It could be my age (34 at the time of the miscarriages) or most likely it was just bad luck. 

I did a lot of googling during this period looking for stories to give me hope and I therefore wanted to share mine for all of yoy hoping for your rainbow baby xx 


  • Hi, 

    just read your story. Thank you, it’s so good to hear that it can happen. I have had two miscarriages, the second just this Monday so I’m still spending my time on here trying to come to terms with it. I’m 35 and haven’t had children yet but we really want to :( I suppose we should wait before trying again, it’s hard not to feel like time is just running away though x
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