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Has anyone had implantation without bleeding????

Just wondering how common it is to have implantation without bleeding or spotting 
what’s your story? Xx


  • With some of my pregnancys i had real bad cramps right up to few weeks after af due with implanting  i also experienced bleeding and cramping with implantation at 6 weeks pregnant xx
  • Oh okay So it varies then. I didn’t know implantation could happen at 6weeks every where I’ve read says before missed period it’s so confusing I need to stop searching google lol thank you for your comment xx
  • Hiya ladies I was wondering if I could post a example pic of the cm I had the other day I forgot to take a pic of mine so i googlwd one similar and I've never had anything like this. I thought it may be implantation . Has anyone had the same ? 
  • Mine had a bit more blood in it and I've got slight cramps my Ad isn't die for another 11 days x
  • 6 pregnancies no implantation bleeding with any of them
  • Natasha It could be implantation if you ovulated early from what I read it could happen 7-12 days after xx sorry I can’t help much hun I’ve never experienced that before but fingers crossed for you xx
  • Kaayy17Kaayy17 Regular
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    Sigseuer thank you for commenting can I ask what symptoms you had before getting your bfp xx
  • Hiya thank you very much fingers crossed xx
  • @Kaayy17 I didn't have any symptoms at all...throught all my pregnancies. Never ever had morning sickness or sore breast or Bering extra tired.
  • Girls can you see a faint line or is it just me xxlp 
  • There is line. But those tests are not sensetive try FRER and you will see it better
  • Those test are exactly what mine was like hun thats positive i donr digital after got 2 3 weeks pregnany xx
  • @Rachel158 how early did you test with these tests hun? Xx
  • Was due on the monday and done it on weekend hun u should try digital i reckon it will come out as i got same with those tests xx
  • @Rachel158 I’m getting a digital today thank you Hun xx
  • Your welcome hunnie let me know how ya get on im excited for u u going to wait till morning urine ? How long ago did u test with them ? Hcg better morning wee if ur still early on xx
  • @Rachel158 af is due tomorrow n I did these test first thing this morning soon as I got up this is the first test I’ve done because I wanted to hold out until af due but couldn’t resist this morning lol. Thank you Hun n definitely keep you updated I’m gonna do the digital tomorrow first thing I will upload pics tomorrow xx
  • Ideal hun cant wait to see xx
  • Fingers crossed for you @Kaayy17
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