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  • Morning ladies, another day closer to my scan! 

    @lozzz and @Katies32 sorry to hear you’re feeling crappy again ... I’ve had 2 days of feeling so much better, praying for a third! The boobs are still killing me though! (Quite glad to still have something even though it barely reassures me after last time!)

    @Long35 i’ve been having discharge! It was brown after the bleed and is now a creamy colour, it’s perfectly normal. 

    @Lange3192 sorry your scan wasn’t as you’d hoped. Like the other girls have said though, it can happen and if they saw positive things try and remain positive. Unfortunately for you, you now have the same waiting game that i’m Contending with! It’s crap! But fingers crossed everything is perfectly normal and you just ovulated later than you though.

    i had a dream last night that I gave birth to a happy healthy baby boy! Anyone else had dreams about what they are having? Earlier on in the pregnancy I was convinced I was having a girl. Now i’ve had this dream it’s thrown me! LOL! So impatient! X
  • Morning ladies 
    @KMic I dreamt I had a girl when I first found out I was pregnant. I have 2 sons so a girl would be lovely 😬. But I've always said il raise boys so only time will tell. As long as baby is growing and healthy that's my main concern xxxx
  • @KMic I dreamt I had a boy with my first and she turned out to be a girl! My mum loves an old wives tale and she told me whatever you dream of you always have the opposite Haha not sure what truth there is in that but she was right with me. Girls run in the family so more than likely this little baba is a girl. I'd be very happy either way. I've still got lots of clothes from before so that will set us up for a while =).
    I woke up feeling rubbish. My husband is away alot and I'm finding it very hard at the moment looking after a toddler at 7 weeks pregnant. Lack of sleep seems to make my nausea worse. Ive managed some breakfast and cold lucozade and feeling a bit better x
  • Morning ladies, my symptoms still appear to have reduced...just struggling with constipation! 😭 Still craving carbs but that’s the story of my life! Lol. My next scan is Monday which I should be 8 weeks, it seems like I have been pregnant forever as I found out so early and then got put back by a week xx
  • Is anyone struggling with hormones / emotions? I’m usually absolutely fine but have some moments (I think mostly when I’m tired) where I feel really low and everyone irritates me!! Then I feel a bit guilty as I am so happy to be pregnant - but I’m definitely having these low / anxious moments! Hoping it’s just all the hormone - but because it is my first I have no idea what it is! Was going to mention to my midwife but didn’t want to sound like I’m not grateful or happy to be pregnant! Xxx
  • Yeah totally normal I'm in tears every day over something so trivial. Xx
  • I'm the same I've been crying for no reason and yesterday at work I didn't cap a drip off properly and there was blood all over the patients bed I had a massive melt down I feel like everything little thing is just getting on top of me xxxx
  • My emotions haven’t been too bad recently and no symptoms again today 😞 roll on Monday for my scan! 
    Anyone else gone off tea / coffee? I use to love 3/4 cups of tea a day, can just about manage one in a morning nowadays? Xx 
  • Yes Long, I used to be a 6 cup of tea a day girl and now can’t drink it. I swapped it for hot water and lemon cause I’m craving sour foods but it’s not the same. Tea and coffee just tasted like sour milk! 🤢

    also weird symptom alert but is anyone finding that their leg hair and armpit hair is growing mega fast?? I’m having to shave twice as much as normal! By the time I have a huge bump I’m going to be a yeti!!
  • Emotions are 100% all over the place ... @Katies32 i’m also having some really low times - which is VERY unlike me ... i’m Just riding them out though as I know it’s just the hormones ... so reassuring knowing some of you are in the same boat. Finding myself getting overly anxious about weds scan sometimes too. And others being more realistic about it. 

    Tea / Coffee is a complete no go for me! Right there with you! 

  • That’s made me feel so s much better!! It’s such a strange feeling sometimes like a dark cloud - glad it doesn’t last all the time! 

    And yes!!! Missing my tea so much! I used to have six cups a day and I just have the one now in the morning and can’t drink it during the day.

    i am however having Horlicks before bed to setttle my tummy - haven’t had it since being a child but it really works! 

  • I've had really low moods mentioned it to the midwife and she thinks it's just because of what happened to me last pregnancy (mmc) but I dont know I was feeling so down and I really hate saying it as this pregnancy has been what we have both REALLY wanted but started to doubt I had done the right thing she thinks it's probably my anxiety over it which she may be right and also at that point no one knew family wise so that was a huge cloud hanging over me where as now without my say so all my family know apart from my children and I've told them I dont want them to know especially with what happened last time I wouldn't want to put them through that if things didnt work out and then with all the symptoms has just wiped me out a few times I've cried wanting to feel normal again I dont think I've ever found the first 12 weeks as hard as I have this time I'm 10 weeks tomorrow by lmp but 10 weeks Thursday by early scan dates and I am finally starting to feel better in myself just totally shattered come morning and by about 2pm I think once these 12 weeks are out the way i will feel alot better there is other things I'm nervous about further down the line (place of placenta) but I'm just trying to push that to the back of mind till I get over this hurdle xx 
  • The low moods are totally normal. My biggest thing is just not feeling like myself. I remember last time I was pregnant it was the same - just this strange, uncomfortable feeling that something was wrong. Not with the baby, just with me...if that makes sense?! It was a strange feeling that I just couldn't shake, I think it lingered around for most of the pregnancy, although it wasn't overwhelming or anything, just lurking in the background sometimes. The first 12 weeks are the hardest because the placenta hasn't fully formed yet, so it is our body doing all the work to grow the baby. Once the placenta is sorted, it takes on the job of providing nutrients and hormones, so it should level out once that happens 😊

    I've woken up feeling rubbish again. Sigh. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow so hopefully only 2-3 weeks before things pick up but ugh. I just want to feel normal again!
  • 10 weeks today for me ... nausea still doesn’t seem to be so bad for me. Praying it’s a corner turned! .... but whyyyy isn’t it Wednesday yet! 🤣 
  • Not long kmic cant wait to hear all about it baba will probably be moving about now 😁 my dating scan is 2 weeks Tuesday trying to not think about it so it goes over abit quicker and so I dont book another scan myself 😂 I want to book the gender one after I've had my dating scan so trying to hold off for that xx 
  • Aww not long @KMic ! It seems as though not all of us had put dates right. As for the emotions...I’ve woke up with a little nausea & back pain and could literally cry just because I’m not enjoying my cuppa as much as I use to! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Had a busy couple of days at work so going to relax for a little then hopefully treat the hubby for tea later on with it been Father’s Day. I’m finding I’m eating little and often. 
    Anyone else any plans for Father’s Day? Xx 
  • Thank you for your kind words ladies, much appreciated! I think you’re right, I must have just ovulated late, Hey ho! Trying to remain positive as the doctor said there was a healthy line around the gestation sac so praying for a yolk sac and a little heartbeat a week on Wednesday! 🤞🏻💓 just tricky backtracking 2 weeks but that’s nature for you! Roll on 12 weeks for all of us 😊 sorry to hear some of you are feeling low with all your emotions but I think it’s just been one of those things! There’s so many changes happening in our bodies at the moment it’s bound to take a toll! Just think, all those emotions will be the last thing you’ll be thinking about when you each have your little bundles of joy come January!! ☺️🥰 x
  • 7 weeks 1 day! Early scanlmp 7 weeks 3 days! 

    Tiny 1cm ‘peanut’ as my other half called it!! 
  • Awww love the scan abbierk 😁😁😁
  • @abbierk95 amazing! Did you have your dates right? 
    Cant wait for my next scan tomorrow 😬 🙏 xx 
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