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Due in January 2020 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in January 2020 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • Morning all, thought I may as well start the new thread off! 
    Just had my follow up early scan appointment and all is well 😊 I’m measuring 7wks6days with a nice strong heartbeat ❤️ Sickness kicked back in the morning too 🤢 xx 
  • Awh Long. Boo to sickness but yay to a strong healthy heartbeat! I can’t wait til next Monday for my 13 week scan. So desperate to check that everything is ok x
  • Yay @Long35 so glad the scan went well! Congrats! It’s always such a relief! 
    My sickness was awful yesterday as well - I have been able to eat pizza up until last night.... When I threw up everywhere.. 😂 no more pizza for me !! Xx
  • My sickness is still strong too I’m on tablets for it but still not budging!! Feel guilty as I haven’t been eating well all and only a fraction of what I normally eat literally only 1 meal mac a day!!! 
  • Hi girls, well my tiredness has well and truly hit. Feel like I could sleep standing up. Booked my nipt scan/blood test for next Tuesday. £400 🙈 but would rather know.. had the test done with my baby boy too as my triple blood tests came back 1:64 or something like that and I didn't want to get amino done. Also have a scan the Monday before at the epu clinic. Hope you are all keeping well x
  • Kgraham what is the nipt scan and blood test for 400 pound I thought that was what I was having done but through hospital for free so now I'm thinking maybe its something different 

    Glad your scan went well long 😊

    Oh poor you Abbie have you got hg if your on tablets can only imagine how bad that is my sickness wiped me out completely and I didnt have hg or being sick really dont know how I would of got through it if I did xx
  • Rainbowsunshine I think the nipt is free in some places in the mainland but over here (N.I) you have to pay for it. They take your blood and from that they are able to get your baby DNA and test it for downs ECT. Over here the only test available for that on NHS is amino test. You can also find out sex of baby.
  • @Rainbowsunshine  finally got them to confirm it after a second doctors visit literally has me in tears some days I miss being able to do literally anything! I was working on the house loads before it hit me and can eat meals anymore constantly missing out!! But it’s the nausea that has me the worst drives me crazy I just hope that it didn’t go on for too long these tablets take the edge off for half an hour and reduced sickness but not a difference in the nausea xx
  • Kgraham that's a pain you have to pay for it that's not cheap either I'm sure I had it with my last little girl who's 18 months old they didnt tell me the sex just the risk to downs and Edward's etc are you going to find out? 

    Oh Abbie that sounds terrible for you I really hope it passes soon how far along are you I had constant feeling of sickness all day from about 6 to 8 weeks its calmed down for me now just comes and goes xx
  • Yes the NIPT testing is free here in England, I am having it all done. They told me initially it’s bloods and as long as no abnormalities then nothing further from there.
    my sickness comes and goes, a little in the morning then sometimes returning on a night so trying to eat in the afternoon.
    Midwifes rang me today to tell me they dropped my bloods at the lab so I need to go back in for more this week! 😭 I hate having my bloods done but it’s a needs must! Xx 
  • Oh long I wouldn't of been happy with that I'm a complete wimp with needles and doesn't help I have crap veins so takes them ages to get any

    similar happened to me last time but was because they hadn't put a sticker on one of the tubes grrr apparently they are very strick with them even spelling mistakes in the name they will turn away I always get them to double check now ha xx
  • I had it done with my now 11 month old.... it came back with the sex on it but I already knew he was a boy as last time I didn't get the nipt test done until I was 18 weeks. Yeah I don't mind knowing. Was going to go for a gender scan anyway at 16 weeks. Although finding out the sex is secondary....
    .I just wana know that my baby is healthy 😁
  • NIPT is offered for free here in Wales, although they won’t tell you the sex of the baby. Gender scan it is ASAP then we can decorate the nursery 😍
  • Yep that's the main thing just to know babas healthy knowing the genders just an added bonus 😊

    I'm defo going to do the gender scan at 16 weeks I'm far to impatient 😂xx
  • Does anybody have a feeling of what the sex of their baby is? 
  • I am definitely paying for the early 16 week gender scan, I am too inpatient! It’s £60 at Mothercare, I have no idea what I’m having. I had my daughter 16 years ago and can’t remember any particular symptoms and no online forums back then! Lol. 
    Anyone any tips on what to look out for with girls boys? 
    I am craving spicy food...curries, Mexican, chilli etc. Going off bland food a little xx 
  • No feelings. My eldest I was POSITIVE was a girl... nope! After that I’ve not really had feelings with any of them but always craved savoury foods, in particular vinegar! All boys. This time I just want cherries 🍒 doubt it means anything though! 
  • I am definitely going to find out! I don’t mind either way - boy or girl - just praying for healthy baby! Although saying that I have loads of potential girl names and struggling for boy ones! My cravings have alllll been sweet! Fruit and birthday cake and fudge and chocolate! 😂 super healthy..... going to get my act together on eating properly once these 12 weeks are over! Xxxx
  • No feelings but I have loads of girl names and zero boys ones! 🙈🙈 this pregnancy is different to my last when I had my little boy so I don’t know what to think but it doesn’t really matter.
    I’ve been craving lemons, limes and vinegar from pretty much I found out and I’ve just finished my Tesco shop and all I wanted to put in the trolley was rice pudding!! 😂
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