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is it possible to get pregnant immediately after having a d&c procedure?

is it possible to get pregnant immediately after  having a d&c procedure? 
Had miscarriage on the 28th and then a d&c on the 2nd about 2 days after i was feeling fine and had no bleeding or cramping so my my husband & I had unprotected sex...I was wondering is it possible 


  • Be carefull u dont get infection hun i had d and c b4 after mc and had sex few days after got real bad infection big liver looking clots was coming out let ur body get bk to normal but is possible u can overlate quickly after mc i did a week or 2 after my mc got caught same month xx
  • Oh I'm sorry to hear about the infection. My dr had put me on antibiotics immediately after the procedure to prevent any infections,hope I don't get one,just so ready to try again
  • Yes its fine to try again hunny and hope u get there again soon xx
  • I hope so too. Thanks so much for the info😊
  • Ladies what do you deem a a safe time after a d and c to have sex? I’m on antibiotics as a precaution but don’t want to unintentionally give myself more issues. Thanks 
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