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  • Hi mummies and babies, just thought I’d pop a post on to wish you all a happy new year. Hope you all had a great Christmas with your new bundles. 

    Jesse was spoilt by all our family and friends and was definitely entertained by his sisters over christmas.


  • Happy New Year image

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  • Happy New Year everybody. Here's my big boy in his new high chair. Testing it out for a few months time!

  • Pic won't post for some reason. Trying again. ...nope. won't let me even select a pic this time

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  • Hi girls how are you all doing? How are all the babies. My little Charlie will be 5 months next weekend, I can't believe how quick these months are going. 

    are any of you girls mummy's to 2 or more babies, chalrie was my first baby and I loved the birth, there's nothing like welcoming your baby into the world! I know that in a few years to come I'll want another baby (likely when Charlie is 3/4) but I can't help but think that the birth won't be as emotional or overwhelming as giving birth to my first. I know every birth is different but to the mummy's who have more than 1, was your second pregnancy as amazing as your first and was the birth as overwhelming? Xx 

  • HI Kayleigh, jesse is my 3rd abd each birth was just as magica. It’s hard to understand how it can be as special but really they are. I had my first 2, 2 years apart then Jesse when they were 4 and 6. 


  • Hi all, 

    Can I ask what everyone is doing with their babies during the day activities wise?

    We've just started with the jumperoo. And we play with toys and have a little time rolling round, but that has to be timed quite well owing to reflux 

    I just feel a bit like I'm not doing enough with Ethan.

    Thanks to let me know. 

  • That's probably more than what I manage to do in a day to be honest! Matthew has reflux too so it's really hard to time putting him on activity mats etc. They usually end up covered in puke.

  • Hi Ladies how is everyone doing!! 
  • Hello everyone, how are you all doing? 
    Do you have a few mins to help with any of these threads please? 
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  • How are all the babies??? It's been a time long time! Matthew is 9 months old now..still no teeth....starting to crawl, can clap hands and wave! 
  • Hello everyone, we hope this post finds you all really well. 
    As October is around the corner, we know your babies are turning 1, if they haven't already! So we've kicked you off your very own October 2018 Toddlers thread
    Do come on over as we would love to hear from you and hear all about your babies.
  • Hi just wondering if anyone is still active on here and how all the babies are doing ? 
    Bet they all look so grown up now it would be nice to have an update thread xx
  • Ah look at the size of him!! And really blonde hair! Matthew has gone really light in hair colour too
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