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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 5



  • Anddddd she’s just turned up 😩xxx
  • Flowers! Sorry that she turned up! If it’s any consolation we’re in the same boat, I’m st here nursing a cup of tea and two nurofen! I’m killed with cramps today and it’s not something i normally suffer from too much. 

  • I'm really sorry guys sending hugs to you both xxx
  • I’m just sick of not being able to rely on my body for signs/symptoms! It really messes with my head 😩 hope your cramps ease up Genabella xxx 

    thanks trying xxx 
  • I'm so sorry she turned up flowers and Gena. Sending you both hugs. Xx
  • Good morning Ladies, sorry Gena and Flowers AF showed up, I always feel down for a day when it happens, then start focusing on the new cycle and new opportunity to make our dream come through, hope you'll get there sooner rather than later! Hugs for both of you. 
    I am 8dpo, no breast soreness, nothing at all, actually cycled to work this morning and feel full of energy :( So this is probably not our month either. 
    Will test on Sunday morning though, we'll see. Not getting my hopes up as we BD'd 2days before O day and the morning after O day, but we never know...
    Giegie, have you heard anything back from the embryo? x
  • @Ags1985 I am 6 dpo and 0 symptoms also, I feel the same as you that it might not be the month. I've read 6dpo may be a little early but lots of people who get their bfp seem to report breast tenderness at least and I am pretty much as good as new 😬
  • Yes, I know what you mean, always hoping around 8dpo to feel tired and have sore bb's, although that also doesn't guarantee anything, but still, would give me hope :) Did you manage to time BD's by the book?
  • @Ags1985 sort of. On CB ovulation test had flashing smiley 28th and BD then got solid smiley on 29th but couldn't BD but we did BD on 30th instead. Hoping missing the 29th isn't going to have wrecked the chances.

    How about you? 
  • I think your chances are pretty good as it sounds like you managed to BD 2days before O day then sent in a fresh refill on O day as well :) I wouldn't worry about skipping the 29th as it is recommended to BD in every 48hours to make the soldiers as strong as possible :) 
    We had it also 2days before, but then didn't do it on O day, just the morning after, so that might have been too late, but will see in a few days. We are awaiting for IVF to start, so these months are just really for fun haha!
  • @Ags1985 well let's hope we both get an unexpected BFP. Please let me know how you get on
    Fingers and toes crossed for you
  • Just spoke to OH and he says not ttc until I have had the blood tests and scans so obviously out this month gutted 😭 xxx
  • Hi Trying, sorry I'm not sure I understand what you mean?
  • Long story but I'm having tests done not related to trying to conceive just gone to speak to OH about fertile window which starts today and he says not going to bd in fertile window this month until we know what is wrong with me in case need drugs or surgery which cannot be done if pregnant xx
  • Tinyturnip and ags when I had my bfp that sadly ended in mc, I didn’t get sore boobs till a few days after I found out I was pregnant, I tested on 18dpo, my first signs was pressure on bladder, aches in right thigh and odd period like pains, hope this helps xxx 

    trying, surely if you are pregnant then no need for surgery or drugs? Sorry if I missed anything out! I wouldn’t like to be told we aren’t bding during fertile window! Sending hugs your way xxx 
  • Oh sorry just read not related to ttc, what do you think is best to do? Xxx
  • As much as I hate to admit it he maybe right there is something not right I really dont feel myself and been going on now a couple of months and it might be something that needs medication and or surgery I just dont know.... still gutted though as another month definitely not going to get pregnant 😭😭 xxx
  • Could you not ask the doctor and see what they suggest? Maybe it is best to have a month off and try to relax? Defo easier said then done though xxx
  • Yeah that's what I'm going with a month to relax and get my health in order it's not like it's worked last 4 months anyway again that's what I'm telling myself xxx
  • I feel the same way I can’t believe it been 7 months since mc it doesn’t feel that long ago, my cousin who announced her pregnancy on social media the day after I mc’d had her baby today and it made me so emotional xxx
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