First pregnancy

Hi I found out I was pregnant on 17th this month and saw doctor on 21st he said from my last period then I should be at 6 weeks and due mid february. Went for my scan yesterday and all we saw was a black hole but that's it so hoping I'm just abit earlier than thought go for another scan on 12 July. Will be my first pregnancy. Have had sore breast all through out and very tired. No morning sickness just yet except abit of indigestion. Feeling very nervous am in newzealand


  • Congratulations on your good news..  I'm in the same boat as you.  Went for a scan on 4th July but nothing was there.  Will have blood taken for hcg to rule out ectopic... 
  • Did u see a gestational sac in your uterus? Could have just been to early to see anything yet like me. 6 days until I go for my scan. Feels like forever. I hope all goes well for you
  • There was no sac...  Hoping for a miracle... 
  • My prayers and thoughts are with you xx when will you find out or go for another scan? 
  • First have to check hcg levels.  Then the scan.  I don't have any symptoms of ectopic as my gynac suspects... 
  • Okay that's a good sign then. Let me know how you go
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