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Hello everyone

Hello , I am 14 weeks 2 days pregnant , this is the first time pregnancy, I am really excited but also really scared about anything that might hurt the baby.  I just have started to feel better and not vomiting anymore. I feel swallen legs ,arms and all over. I have become very sensitive to everything words,people , I cry to stupid things. Anyone else feel the same ?? Would love some same experience to be shared with me .Thank you!!


  • Hi @Bleri2020! Congratulations on your pregnancy 🥰

    I'm a pretty sensitive person at the best of times, so pregnancy just intensifies that haha. Totally normal though so I say just embrace it! 

    I'm not feeling swollen just yet however I get bloated in my tummy very quickly! Last time my ankles and fingers got pretty fat by the end too, which wasn't fun haha. Hopefully this time it won't be as bad! Have you shared your news with everyone yet?
  • Hi @Bleri2020 , have you seen the open forum? Come and join us on there, everyone shares their fears and excitements. It's a lovely safe and friendly place x 
  • [email protected] no I haven't seen .how can I find it?
  • It’s under the due in January birth club forum - we’re on part 2 now xx
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