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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  • I applied for universal credits in March, we got one payment and not had anything since. We aren’t entitled to childcare help because hubby isn’t working. I tried to explain he can’t work and was unable to look after Joseph which is why he had to go to nursery. 
  • Yes we are on holiday ... we are supper close to be fair ... Ollies refuses a second nap today so we are in the room while he is over tired x
  • That’s so unfair bincey they really don’t make it easy for people to survive do they. It’s means tested isn’t it so they review your wages every month and I think for every pound you earn over a certain amount they take 60p off you. I hope something comes up for you I cnt see why Joseph cnt have the 15.hours a week 
  • Yes Happy birthday to all I’ve missed! I really don’t know how’re they’re 2! 
    Its Js today and it feels like only yesterday he was born! 
    When is oh likely to be able to work bincey as having the low income won’t make things easy either. 
  • Happy birthday J 🎁🥳🥳 my boys are off on holiday today with my mum I miss them already 
  • Happy birthday J and if I missed any ... I know I can’t believe they are two .. Ollie is very strong willed it’s been a little bit different than expected on holiday he only wants to do what he wants to do and he won’t do anything else so throws a tantrum and he’s renowned for his tantrums at nursery lol ... it’s good that he’s so strong willed but he won’t get off the slides or the bouncy castle and there isn’t a park or anywhere he can play which is a little disappointing ... we have to lure him off the water slides with ice cream lol 😂
  • Happy Birthday J! That’s nearly all of them turned 2 already 🙈
    Hes been signed off again untill September, there is concern about his hip joint now. They won’t check it till 12 months post accident, so I’m just praying come September he’s healed. Xx
  • Happy birthday J 
  • Hope it all works out for you bincey it’s awful when you have little ones and struggle financially I’ve just got back from my smear fingers crossed it’s all clear.
    Its so bloody hot here I don’t know how we all survived this heat heavily pregnant  
  • Thank you, I’m certainly feeling sorry for myself at the moment. Just feels like there is no break for us. Joseph’s birthday today and he’s been really poorly 😟 Maisie doesn’t want to be put down and I just want to cry xx
  • Sorry to hear Joseph is poorly on his birthday bless him I hope he feels better soon and has a relatively nice day. 
    I remember those days well of having a newborn who doesn’t want to be put down I think Charlie is the reason my oh won’t have another one the lack of sleep put him off. Hope Maisie settles soon for you so you can have a bit of you time if not get your oh to have her for a bit 
  • Happy birthday Joseph! Hope he feels better now. 
    All the celebrations have put him right out of sequence with food and sleep, hopefully we’ll get back to normal soon! 
    How is Maisie doing bincey? Other than not wanting to be put down? 
  • Thank you ladies, he peaked around lunchtime and is now 38 degrees again 🙁 I’m done with today! Maisie is doing really well and generally a really settled baby. These pictures just sum it up xx
  • Then she slept the whole time we had visitors 🤣
  • Haha good girly look at her on her front like she’s mastered sleeping already 🙈 
  • Happy birthday to anyone I’ve missed xxx Hope Joseph is feeling better now xx
    Hope Charlie has a lovely day tomorrow! 
    Hope you are feeling a bit happier now bincey. Your hormones will still be running riot so don’t worry about feeling down. It sounds like you are coping fantastically! And Maisie is absolutely beautiful!!
  • Hi everyone I did a preg test just now as I am three days late and think it's come back positive
  • Congratulations! Have you got a photo of the test?
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