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What's he doing?

I'm in my mid to late 20's and out of a long term relationship, and like most people began a sort of "friend with benefits" relationship with a guy in my building. He's in his late 30's and recently single himself.

The reason I say "sort of" is because he knows I like him a lot. I told him this when I was quite drunk, but at the time he was in a relationship and said he did like me too but we couldn't act on it.

He knows I'm not on any contraception and we only started having sex recently, so it's not an ongoing thing, and also not a relationship because we don't go out. We just stay home, smoke, watch movies.

This may be TMI, but our method of contraception is withdrawal. Very dumb and playing with fire I know! But the last time I saw him, which was recently, he finished inside me and didn't care or seem shocked. I asked him if he did and he said yes. 

Is he trying to get me pregnant or does he just not care?


  • Sounds to me like he's not bothered or not even thought about pregnancy, maybe talk to him about it and if you both don't want to get pregnant try other contraceptive options? 
  • In all honesty men are selfish, and sometimes get caught in the moment. What you need to think about is what happens if you do get pregnant, as you have said you are not in a relationship. I think you see his indifference as a sign that maybe he wants a baby. Most men infact just dont think it through and assume you will get the morning after pill. What would you do if you got pregnant and he walked away? If you are happy to be a mum regardless then thats fine and maybe things will work out for the best but if being a single mum is not for you I would not take the risk. Its always easy for a man to walk away not so easy when you are a woman
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