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Pregnancy after miscarriage.

I got a miscarriage between 30th January to 1st February this year. 2weeks ago I took a home test and it was positive but did not have a period between the miscarriage and this current pregnancy.
Now I am wondering how old my pregnancy is! Help.


  • hard to tell only way url find out is go doctors and they will prob arrange early scan for you xx
  • Thank you Rachel.When is the earliest scan usually done?
  • i had a early scan done at 5 weeks and 6 days its done by enternal scan heart starts to just flicker at 6 weeks xx
  • Hi rachel im wondering what is the result of it as i have the same problem...
  • What do you mean hun x
  • I want to know whats the update of your pregnancy now.. I have the same problem.. I got miscarriage may 2 last 3 days.... I had unprotected sex may 26.. And now im pregnant again.. Or is it continuing pregnancy?  Will the bump continue if it is second pregnancy ?
  • Yes hun I'm on baby number 11 had a chemical mc b4 this pregnancy got caught straight after b4 my period was due im now 35 weeks pregnant hun doest mean it have a mc again hun xx
  • My tummy It looks bigger than 2 months its my first time .. So the belly bump well continue?
  • Hopefully hun I can't say for certain but dont see y it wouldent and yes it belly Will get and feel bloated hun how far along r u ? Xx
  • I got abortion on may 2, 2019 and may 26 had unprotected sex so im 10 weeks and 4 days preggy now.. But im worried because i have a bigger tummy than 2 months
  • Nothing to worry about hun mine were all diffrent i had bump at 10 weeks if nearly 3 months 12 weeks  hun in 2 weeks so sounds normal xx
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