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Faint line on pregnancy test

hi everyone new here so not sure if on right page,me and my oh are trying for a baby period due today or within envy few days but I just couldn’t wait that long did a test this eve and I don’t know if I’m seeing things that arnt there or is there a very very faint line ? So I googled very faint lines and I read about Evap lines ?😬 thoughts please...this is not a early test either so mayb that’s why as it was very very faint as you can see mayb it’s in my head 😩xx 


  • I see it but it could be an evap line. Train again with FMU :)
  • Thought I was going mad but don’t want to get hopes up so so faint literally had to get very good light to see this but was within the 10 min of testing will get an early one and try again Friday x
  • i see it. i think they say evap lines have no colour to them and i see blue there. pink dye tests are more reliable maybe try those x
  • Am going to try with a pink dye one tomorrow morning 😬 I was driving myself mad keep looking at it and then googling evap lines so Iv left it for today before I burn my Brain out lol x
  • Urgh I’m the same Annie 😭 I’ve just split up with my partner aswell... I tested this morning again but no change I think I’m going to wait a week, yours is definitely a BFP xx
  • @Sophiewowo I would say yours is to yours looks darker than mine and definatly got colour in it looks bluewater I would say yours is positive. Don’t know your situation but your be amazing in a couple or on your own Iv done it both ways and I can honestly say at times it was easier on my own as partner can be like an extra child 🙄 keep me
    updated xx
  • This happened to me with this type of test. But I was testing super early! It turns out I am pregnant. But I just retested at a later date to make sure! I was going out of my mind! Now two weeks later I’m getting big fat positives on various tests. Maybe try again in a few days, if you are pregnant your hormones should have risen xx
  • @Sbell19 I am 16 days past ovulation tomorrow so I am normally due on around now before Iv had darker lines so I think because Iv never had faint lines at this stage I’m confused as I’m not trusting really early but it was evening and I have been drinking g lots of water so mayb that’s why wer see doing to test again tomorrow or sat xx
  • I’m 8 days late girls what u think of this! I’ve done so many tests just want to kknow what’s going on; your lines are defo bfp
  • Yeah looks positive xx
  • I’ve had to change the contrast on that to get that view of it! You can barely see it at all and I’m 8 days late as we speak 
  • Oooo I’m really not sure I wouldn’t like to say as I can’t see any colour in it... any symptoms 
  • Yes lots of symptoms, low mild cramping, sweaty, mood swings, no bleeding, been trying to conceive as well
  • Sore boobs anything else I’m just trying to rule out late period due to stress and some relate to when my period is due xx
  • No not sore boobs or vomiting, I didn’t have those symptoms with my last pregnancy though, can defo feel pressure down there though 
  • I think I can see faint lines @Sophiekinz123 have u tryed a different brand test ?x
  • @AimeeLouisee do you mean mine or Sophie’s?x
  • No but I did this one like a week ago 
  • The line on the 1st pic defo darker than the one u just posted mayb try a early one. ?
  • Yeah I’m gonna try that thanks for replying :)
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