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Maybe someone had similar experience??:(

I’m a bit worried atm , as I found out around 4 weeks ago that my baby died at 6 weeks. I have chosen to wait for things to happen naturally , but nothing has happened . I have some sharp pains in the abdomen which make me nervous as all I think about is what if I get infection . I have an appointment for Monday to take medical treatment . I am also scared how all this goes , if it will be very painful and if the tissue passes on it’s own or if I will need surgery. I know everyone’s different, but still it would be good to know if anyone has had a similar situation and if there is a risk of infection if they let me wait for so long even tho the Fetus is dead inside of me . All these thoughts are Just killing me   


  • Let me first say how sorry I am for your loss. I hope you are doing well. Although I haven’t had a super similar experience, my baby passed away over three weeks ago and I am having the surgery soon. My miscarriage came as such a surprise because I didn’t have any symptoms, but the last few days I have been getting some cramps and pain. I think it is pretty normal to have your body trying to do it on its own, but I would say to visit the doctor. If they think it is best to have the surgery I would listen to them. My doctor said that normally if the baby does not pass on it’s own at about a month, surgery usually is a good idea. I have to have surgery because of how far along I was. But this was just my experience. I hope it at least sort of helped. And wishing you love and all the best! 
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