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Lower abdominal pain/ pelvic pain + pcos, is it a std/sti

So I am 23 Y/O and I have PCOS (no medication). My period is all over the place, it's funny, I have 2 normal periods and the 3rd one has always a problem either I miss it, get a uti or something. 
So my period was due to be on the 30th of july or in that week but I had some life stress, I did see a small streak of blood when I went to the toilet but nothing after that in that due week. 
Now its 17th of august me and partner were getting it on and soon as he entered it was able to hit my cervix it sent a shock of pain, not excruciating pain but uncomfortable and made me jump(my cervix wasnt painful but it seemed that it was my uterus, like pushing my cervix towards my uterus hurt the uterus itself). I took a minute and relaxed and we continued and it was fine. 
Next day I start to have a dull pain in my lower abdomen and I get on the scales (I am a bit of a gym and fitness junkie) I've gained 1.5kg or 3lbs in a week. The day after the pain is is still dull and I can fell soreness inside like i usually do on my period but still no signs of a period. Day 3 (day of posting)wake up pain is ok but even more bloating and weight gain. The pain is now at a uncomfortable level ( I have a hot water bottle on me )like my lower abdomen (in line of the pubic bone area but the middle) feels out there but no signs of a period. 

I am a bit worried cause I dont get period pain never like this and wondering if it's anything else, like an infection, I am seeing a alot of discharge, it's not clumpy, doesnt have any odour, or colouration, on the contrary its liquid but still sticky, almost clear and doesnt make my pee cloudy, I dont have pain I pee or anything else.
 I feel all the symptoms of a period like my breasts are sore as well some mood swings and hot flashes (I get them when I am close). But the pain feels like my body wants to have a period but something is blocking it. 
I would go to the doctors but I am a uk uni student who is at her parents atm, my parents are religious and dont know that i am sexually active so i am scared to go to a doctor here incase they call home or send a letter etc. I just wanna know if I could potentially have something or looking for an opinion/ discussion.

I am not a mum but thought I would find ppl who might be able to shed a light here.


  • Have you taken a pregnancy test??
  • Mlc said:
    Have you taken a pregnancy test??
    Yes I did take one just after I missed my period and one on the 13th both were negative. 
  • MlcMlc
    edited Aug 21, 2019 5:22PM
    When you go to the doctor they usually have you fill out a form and one of the questions is if they can call/leave messages or if there’s anyone that can be notified of your health other than you. They’re not legally allowed to speak with anyone regarding your healthcare unless you give them permission (or at least that’s how it is here in the states.) Just let them know you don’t want anything sent to your house/calling with updates, and if they do need to send anything via mail can’t you have it sent to your uni address? I understand the parent situation but you’re 23 years old and you have PCOS, I don’t think it would be out of the blue if your parents knew you went to the OBGYN anyways? You could just say you were going on for a check up. They don’t need to know anything else. 
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