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Took me 2 years to get pregnant, and now I've lost it

Hello ladies, just looking for a bit of hope to be honest. Me and my partner had been trying to conceive for almost 2 years (he has 2 children from a previous relationship I have none). We went to the hospital for the initial tests, everything seemed ok, I then went for a HSG and straight after I fell pregnant could not believe it. However at the 12 week scan we received the news that the baby no longer had a heart beat. Now my question is has anyone had anything similar to this. Is there any hope of it not taking another 2 years to get pregnant. I'm truly at a loss and feel so low.


  • My heart is breaking for you, I am in a simular situation to you. I was trying for around 3-4 years, I found out I was pregnant on the 11th April this year. Myself and my partner was completely over the moon. We went for a scan the week later to see how far I were as I had irregular periods and we seen our little baba flickering about and I was 6+5 weeks. We were counting down the days until our scan at 13 weeks. The week before I went to the toilet and as I wiped they were pinkish blood. I immediately called epu and they booked me in for a scan 2 days later. I finished my night shift at 7am and headed to the hospital we were so anxious as they scanned my tummy and couldn't find anything she send me to have a wee to do an internal I instantly knew then that they were something wrongoing as I should have been 12weeks surely it should of shown up. Then she told us the news we were preying it wouldn't be. I had a missed misscarriage and our baby stopped growing at 7+6. We were and still are absolutely heatbroken. I went for a d+c under a local anaesthetic the following week. Very uncomfortable and my partner had to wait in the waiting room which was so hard to go though myself although the staff were ever so lovely you just want to be with them. Anyways the doctor had told me I would have my first cycle 4-6 weeks later. I had no hope as I used to have them around every 3-4 months prior to getting pregnant. 5 weeks had passed and I actually had my first cycle. We didn't really try last month due to been to busy/tired from working all the time. I downloaded an app on my phone to track my periods/ovulation. This month I was wondering if af would show again. It did I was 11 days late but it came. It's like my body has completely reset it's self and I'm having regular periods. I'm pretty sure I'm in my ovulation stage as I've been spotting and having all the other symptoms that come with it. A lot of people have told me your suppose to be super fertile after a misscarriage. So we will see this month. I send you all the baby dust in the world. Hopefully you will have your angel baby very soon. Just try and not stress about it and just take it easy❤
    Let yourself grieve first, I made this mistake I became obsessed with becoming pregnant again, you really just crave that feeling again dont you. Please keep us updated on your journey, always here for a chat. I find its always easier to speak to people who have also been through the same situation xxx
  • Hi ladies, firstly im sorry you're both going through this I know how truly heartbreaking it is.  I had a missed miscarriage last year after 3 years of trying which included 3 failed cycles of IUI and getting started with IVF (pregnancy was natural in the end). I had no symptoms either and went along to a private scan at 10 weeks to receive the devastating news! 3 weeks later I miscarried naturally and lost our IVF funding! Now for the positive bit... we waited for 1 cycle so we knew that my periods had returned and that we could know where i was in my cycle, after that 1 period we got pregnant (without actually forcing it) and our beautiful daughter was born nearly 4 years to the day that we started our ttc journey! So after 4 years ttc including failed fertility treatment it actually took us 1 month and we did it naturally! Miracles just take a little time for some of us! Your body wasn't ready but hopefully next time it will be!
  • I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. I myself had miscarriages, after 6 years trying I fell pregnant but sadly lost my baby at 16 weeks, which was picked up that baby had died a week prior. After another year I became pregnant again this time without trying as I wanted it to be if it was going to happen then it will happen. I'm now currently 34 weeks and waiting for my baby girl to be born in the next few weeks. I'm sure your time will come, most probably will be when you least expect it :) 
  • thank you all for taking the time to reply, and I'm sorry you've all had a tough time. It can be a very lonely place going through fertility issues as unless you've been through it you don't really understand. However each of your posts have gave me a little bit of hope. I lost my baby back in may and since then I have just spiralled in to a state of depression. But I'm determined to get my self back on track. And talking about it and hearing other stories is helping a lot.

    Congratulations of your babies both, such lovely news, Sami0227 bet you cant wait to meet her.

     Amyvictoriaxxx must be such a relief to have regular periods you can finally get some control back, and yes your right I have been obsessed and its not healthy at all. baby dust and rainbow babies to us both, fingers crossed.    

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