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Tell Heinz about your weaning worries, experiences and funniest moments: win a £200 Amazon voucher


Heinz For Baby are partnering with MadeForMums to understand how you feel about the magical, messy process of weaning your baby.

We’d love you to share here your honest thoughts about how weaning is (or was) for you – the good, the bad, the joyous, the tough, the funny, and more.

And we’ll be using your posts as inspiration for a selection of warm, honest, helpful weaning diaries we’re curating with Heinz For Baby to share with other parents who are getting ready to wean.

So please post here how you feel about weaning your baby onto solids – whether you’ve yet to start, are just getting to grips with it or have come out the other side of the weaning journey. And you could win a £200 Amazon voucher for sharing!

To be in with a chance of winning, please post by scrolling to the text box at the bottom of this thread to tell us about your weaning worries, experiences and funniest moments. If you’ve started weaning, feel free to post pictures of your baby trying out new foods, too – Heinz For Baby would love that!

Everyone who posts (and answers the question fully) will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 Amazon voucher. 

We'll keep this thread open until 30/09/19 and we’ll announce the winners’ names a few days later. 

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  • Logan absolutely loves his grub! Not quite sure of the lumpier things yet and doesn't like blueberry but pretty much licks the bowl every mealtime. 
    We can't eat anything in front of him without the puppy dog begging eyes, even if he is eating at the same time! 
    My biggest concerns when weaning have been portion sizes and whether he is getting too much or not enough, and trying to ensure a varied diet. 
    I'm loving seeing him trying new things though! Especially my cooking! 
  • missmyangelsmissmyangels Regular
    edited Aug 30, 2019 10:30AM
    Don’t get me started on weaning my munchkin Charlotte 🤣🤣
    started at 6 months just purées! Heinz Rice & porridge. She was ok with that. Then added fruit purées to porridge & fruit purées alone all good! Ditched the rice she really wasn’t a fan ( can’t say as I blamed her it’s awful 🤢)!!
    Now we are on Heinz jars 7m+ but this bubba is 8 months and really not buying into lumps 🤣 gags splutters then hand over mouth & refuses haha but determined mumma will keep trying 🤣
    Tried distraction doesn’t work tried washing down with water, yuk! Added baby juice kinda tolerates a bit but won’t suck just chews the teets /spouts 🤔
    Baby no 4 is a challenge haha 😂 
    Now cooking our own & have a simple blender, naturally using the @MadeForMums app for recipes:)
    Has 6 teeth so she’s a lazy chewer for sure!! 🤞🤞 she gets better or I’m going to get told off by my next health visitor visit 🤷‍♀️ Hey she’s our stubborn one but we love her 💗

  • My 7.5 month old Arden is absolutely loving weaning. I feel like this is my biggest parenting success. I’m an extremely fussy eater and my partner and I tend to get stuck in a rut with our meals but we make sure Arden tries everything. It’s been such a great adventure trying him with different textures and vegetables I’ve never even tried. We do a mixture of purées, jars and baby led weaning and all we’ve found so far that he doesn’t like is butternut squash! Every time I try him with something different I’m excited to see how he will react. So far his favourite thing seems to be fish fingers. In terms of the things he eats he’s so ahead of my friends children purely because I’ve tried to just steam ahead and give him a bit of everything and not concentrate on my fear of him choking. 

    It’s sometimes a struggle to come up with something creative for him to have but I use a variety of resources for inspiration. I was never a great or experimental cook but this has spurred me on to broaden my horizons. 

    Prior to weaning we had issues with constipation but now he has so much fibre and fruit we have no issues at all.

    I genuinely have loved weaning, it’s been my favourite part of parenting thus far 

  • We first started weaning Fern on Christmas Day 2018 when she was 6 months old! It has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for us!

    At first she would eat/try pretty much everything you put in front of her which was great! As she has grown older though we’ve found she is becoming fussier and preferring sweeter foods! I just hope she isn’t as fussy as I was as a child!

    I found it hard at the beginning with the mess and just totally changing your day to deal with meal times! From preparing, eating to clearing up it could take at least an hour!! 

    Thankfully we’re  more into the swing of things now at 14 months but it took a while to get our heads round it as first time parents!
  • our little one loves vegtables, especially sprouts.   which is great until nappy time
  • I have found this part the most difficult, I have struggled to get them to try anything and it usually just gets chucked on the floor by them, I'm hopeful that it will get easier.
  • Oh what wonderful memories, such a joy of having beans/rusks/porridge/noodles sprayed back onto my face every day !
  • Always worried I was doing it either too early or late!
  • My main worry was everyone telling me to wean early! I was adamant I wanted to wait until 6 months to be totally safe and I had people shouting from all angles to do it early. I did BLW too and that was a bit nerve wracking because giving baby solid chunks of food right away can be a worry but it worked out wonderfully for my last two children and I’m super excited to start the journey again in a couple of months with my daughter! 
  • Ooh the mess of weaning!! A lot of people I knew were all for baby led weaning and starting with finger foods such as broccoli and cauliflower. The thought at first terrified me..I'm a worrier anyway but my children both took to this so well and we rarely needed to use purees and just mashed food we all are as a family really. Their favourite had to be the Sunday roast I think!
  • Weaning was great, our darling would eat ANYTHING lumps bumps you name it & now....I think I have the fussiest eater on the planet 🤣
  • my son fell asleep whilst eating spaghetti bolognese, it was everywhere on his eyelids in his ears the lot 
  • Looking back it was funny but at the time it was terrible.  Such a fussy eater.  The worst thing about it I think was that the whole flat was carpet.  Really needed tiles or lino considering how much ended up on the floor!
  • My worry is that as we started to get on to more solid food hed choke.
    Hes taken to eating like a duck to water though, he loves his food.
  • I breast fed until quite late so I was very relaxed about solids and just offered lots of different things and with time offered things they could hold and suck/chew.  In the summer I often fed them outside so I could hose them and the chair down afterwards (not literally).  I also often ate with my little one on my knee and gave them tiny morsels of whatever I was eating. Like everyone I have plenty of memories of orange coloured gloop all over the floor, walls, my clothes and my baby. 
  • Weaning our son was a nightmare....At the beginning he ate very well as long as it was puréed. However when trying to introduce lumps we hit a hurdle as everything we introduced was spat out. This went on for months and months and we tried not to let it bother us or let it show. Our saving grace was baked beans as we discovered that he would tolerate those....slowly, slowly we could include more and more but he never did eat lumpy tins of baby food. 
  • My biggest fear when weaning was choking, even now the children are bigger its still there. I don't know why but just is. Both my children were different. My boy was a a hug baby and weaned at four months. Mouth open wide nothing wasted lol! 
  • My biggest fear when weaning was choking. It happened to my eldest and then but fear into me with my other 3. Even now i am paranoid about it. 
  • We're through the weaning process now, but I used to be very anxious about choking. Still am if I'm honest...
    Love this picture, her first encounter with blackberries. She loves all fruit and a surprising number of vegetables. 
    I find some of the faces she pulled with new tastes hilarious!

  • I was so worried about my son choking on food. I used watch him in fear every time he was eating! 
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